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Seton, arizona. What is the Moby news? Mobis being accused of being a creeper. Okay. So in his new book and Mobis said, Moby Mobis DJ those very popular. Oh, good point. 'cause he's like twenty years, the time that Moby was it kids Moby was it? It's not a whale. He's a DJ is Moby, the original of did, he bring in the, the advent of the DJ as talent was Moby, the one who I mean largely did that in the nineties, or was there, someone else Josiah on the rudder? Oh, dear God. Two of two that's it. Any who Moby his book said that he dated now Lee Portman now? I don't know this is very of its time. But now the Cormon for me guys grew up in that now departments might number one all time, and this is number one all time really growing up. Well, yeah, just Queen on Madala gorgeous. I love now reporting, she's gorgeous. But number one, this is Moby suffice to say just me out kicking his coverage saying that he dated Nellie Portman. But Moby was the DJ now deportment infamously a big time music fan. So you could see how this could happen. He looks like Henry Abbott little bit that is so true shrunk, shrunken Henry app if that is that is that is so good. That is exactly what he looks like put it on the poll, Guillermo does. Mobe DJ looked like a shrunken Henry. So Natalie Portman has denied what Moby said in the book, which is that the two briefly dated, she characterise Moby is creepy. And then says that they only hung out a handful of times before he realized that he was an older man who is interested in a way that felt inappropriate to which Moby has now gone to Instagram to back up his claims in his book. And this just sort of sounds like the guy. That's like no guys, I dated or so. He's like, says on, on a post at the two in which I mean one shirtless, as shirtless your listen smiling. You look in alley facing you kinda see wash over her face, like what am I thinking right now? Yeah. What she's thinking is these look like Henry. Abbots nipple. Yeah. So on this, the captions has recently read a gossip peace wherein now reports said that we'd never dated this confused me, as we did, in fact, date. And after briefly dating nine hundred ninety nine we remained friends for years. I like Natalie and respect their intelligence and activism, but to be honest, I can't figure out why she would actively misrepresent the truth about our allbeit brief involvement..

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