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The dallas cowboys will be facing the pits. Berg steelers man two teams a lot of fans People were excited to watch like the two. The two teams that have That are tied for the most super bowl Are they or are. They tied for second have five or one anyway. They're up there okay. 'cause i mean. I know tom brady's messed up a lot of statistics before tom brady. Guide dog is pittsburgh and the cowboys. Okay these two teams going at it. Tonight i will definitely watching. Can't wait to just sit on my couch. I'm really not going to be doing anything else. Take no i talk to you about some things we saw but know of course preseason. We're we can't expect to see too much. They're not gonna show their best play as they're not gonna risk anybody that you know is gonna risk any Injuries with that being said a couple of notable players that are out for sure or maybe questionable mark cooper's for the dallas cowboys is out tyron. Smith offense tackles questionable. Demarcus lawrence Demand for the dallas cowboys is questionable. Dak prescott quarterback for the cowboys is questionable. Well in pittsburgh side. They have a dax. Raymond tied in who's on injury reserved Pat for me month for me. Muth who is questionable in demarcus Ac at quarterback who is out all right Both of these teams men have a two they did. They got something to prove as you know the cowboys. Debt guide his money. The cowboys have you know. Got this and crazy. Offense got themselves new defensive coordinator. Make sure they can make up for the defense To go for at all Pittsburgh steelers start off the season so amazing last year Mike tomlin has extended his contract with them. Which you know the the pittsburgh steelers very loyal organization I believe they'd had like three quarterbacks. I mean three quarterbacks. Three head coaches total since the early nineteen hundreds or somewhere like nine hundred and sixty i i mean i know that's not early but i just it in nineteen hundred longtime which a lot of teams. They've had three in the last three years. Okay but yeah both of these organizations are up for you know shooting at their chance to make it all the way. Home okay A big pickup for the dallas cowboys was a rookie. Mike mike mica pearson Right there at middle linebacker think is hoping he can fill in that issue there while we're talking about these two teams. Let me give you. Their schedules Cowboys their precinct. Schedule are going to be playing Steelers this week. next week. they're going to be playing. The car knows Dna texans than the jags. They will kick off their official season. September ninth On nbc seven thirty pm huge game plan at the super bowl. Champion buccaneers all right. That's it's going to be a game to watch man following that man the rest of their season. It looks like Chargers eagles panthers giants patriots. Vikings broncos falcons chiefs raiders saints washington giants washington cardinals eagles. So yeah it's a solid very very solid schedule for them to make it you know for making it happen their team stats They were two hundred sixty yards passing passing yards per game which put them at eight rushing yard. One hundred eleven point. Eight seven points For you know points per game where averaged twenty four point seven which put them in seventeen points against away. I'm sorry the twenty four point seven points against them put them seventeen and then Points that they put up twenty nine point six fit with having their quarterback bag man as soon as he's healthy i wouldn't be surprised if that is somewhat similar. Remind you what. They're rosser looks like they have dak prescott starting them off but of course it would precede. We're going probably see a lot of backups. Backing him up. Our gary gilbert been nucci and cooper rush Ezekiel elliott in his backfield with tony pilot. Right behind him in. Everybody knows how impressive twenty poverty as he. Probably the most notable backup running back in the game Like i said amar cooper's out but behind him as cedrick wilson We also have cd-rom. Michael gallup blake darwin also leading the way as the starters on this team Don't be surprised if you know a tight. And you see indulge schultz. Aaron parker noah brown to see what everybody can see their about off. It's of line is back intact to be honest. I think they need to play starting Preseason just to get back into the swing of things really feel comfortable in tyron smith zag marginal collins all these injured guys Definitely need to Fill it Demarcus lawrence like i said is questionable but behind him is doors armstrong And then you know at linebacker. Like i just said mike. Parsons rookies needs to be Gebreel cox that they is. He's gonna be out there. Jalen smith needs to pick a back up. Trevan digs donovan wilson. Demong take qazi. Anthony brown all of their defensive players really needs to be planning to preseason not too hard but at least half the game just to get in the wraps of things switch into pittsburgh steelers. Let's talk about them. They're starting playing the cowboys tonight. Then they'll play. The eagles lines in panthers to wrap their preseason. They opened up at. The bills are dow on september twelfth. yeah really seeing them open against the bills. I think that's really the major game for them. Although i can't wait see what they do here. But as far as officially fool starters twenty two starters going against the bills is a good start because that is a team that you have to beat if you definitely plan on winning a championship after that following them. They play raiders. Bingles packers broncos. Seahawks brown's Bears lions chargers. Bingles ravens. vikings titans chiefs brown's finish off with the ravens. I just love how the rival spe- in games man the winter home but he But yeah one of their notable pickups this off season in the draft is niger. Harris last season debut much didn't have much of a running game so they're really hoping that they can lean on nause to make it happen to me is very well. Very good poised Rookie running back very diverse in woody can do To be honest. I think a lot of people look at him as like an album chimera. I think that's what we're planning to see from. At least that's what he gave us. He would give us a a lot of kamera esque Movements and plays when he was in bama so we're gonna continue that into the league if his offensive coordinator smart that's how they're using them But yeah man. Let's look at their chart. Like i said we're talking about the preseason. Preseason you are gonna get a lot of backups. Especially when you're starting quarterback has proven himself and he's up in aid he needs to really be out there being rothenberger start off Came back to do another year for the pittsburgh steelers. Even though the president of the organization said this might not be his last year behind him he has mason rudolph. Who took over for him while he was gone injured. Dwayne haskins pickup that they got this off season from the washington football team and josh dobbs that they got years ago and somehow he's sitting all the way at the back of depth charges snagging better who knows Like i said nashi smith the rookie. Definitely want him to get acclimated comfortable with that real. That real deal football in a fail feels like no more of the college bamboo stuff where you guys are dominating. It's a walk in the park. You coming out of the game Bought a second quarter starting receivers. Juju smith schuster chase klay pool. Deontay johnson Tied in eric. Brar are these all are very reliable individuals but behind them or Solid guys hoping to make their sean in his preseason so that they got what it takes. Jane's washington ray ray macleod cody white in pat Firm youth. You know that that name again. That i struggle with Offensive line solid. We go back to defense. They did lose bud depre- but they still got tj why who which is arguably the best Deion of in the game Statistically our defensive lineman in the game statistically okay After what he did last season. But would you have him out there. I probably wouldn behind him. You got cases. Marsh got haney Henry moto isaiah. Bugs chris warmly. Those guys are probably going to really be trying to get it out there. Get it on alex. Highsmith start at linebacker with devon bush in robert spilling who knows. We're going to go on there. They did pickup. Melvin ingram the third though So that might be someone. We'll get to see Duke it out joe. Haines still there though Starting at cornerback. We got james pierre behind him that you might pick up A lot of work in this preseason. I had approved. We don't see it solid. it's it's on both sides. This is the curtain that was handling their business last season at the beginning of the season when i believe they went with eleven. Ino- does as far as they were in the beginning of the season last year But who knows. I mean like i said stat. Wise they they got a lot no one. They didn't have one thousand yard rushing last season nor did they have one thousand yard receiving last season. So if that's going to happen. I think is gonna pick up this year Microfiche patrick as safety. And he led them in tackles last season.

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