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I think if you're the connects and you're running the team you're looking at it like if we can get Pettersen some help could we be in the race next to the ad. I don't think they add. No, no, I'm saying that I can see why extending Adler makes sense. I would have said Adler all day because he's playing great the reason that I would you there. What are you going to do next year without editor? Here's my thinking on it. You extent Adler because on the horizon, you have Quin us on the horizon. I think they tried to get out of the. Us here in a second. But you have Hughes on the horizon and fingers crossed. If you're Vancouver and the rehab goes good. And it has a good off-season. You have all oleo Levy, coming sooner or later. You need veteran defense for these guys and always go back to the lesson of the Detroit. Redwings Nicklaus jerem, let's shows up in the trite, and they pair them with Brad mccrum who for young guys is bent has Chris Pronger. Right. You go right down the list of all these, you know, quote, unquote, generational defense and one of the common denominators is they had a vet with them early. If you're the Vancouver Canucks. You look at your blue line better guy than Alexander. Yeah. Guys, grow with me, the answer's obvious when we sign Adler do the deal that. Yeah. Arpey investment in your defenseman for him. Look, you're making five now, you know, we'd like to be around. Here are three. A year deal. Yeah. See Quin Hughes so this. So it was funny. You know, somebody texted me after the segment on Saturday night. And they said how transparent was that for the Kazakhs league? I said first of all the extra something to anyone. It wasn't going to be me. You know, we've had her battles over the last couple of years. So what happened was at the world juniors as you know, all the teams are there. A few guys were texting me and saying. The conches want us to come out the connects want us to come out. And so I looked into it. And I was told he's not coming out checked a couple of guys in the NC double A. Are you guys hearing this on they go? Oh, yeah. Like one guy in their conference. It was like, I know they're not very good. But we feel a lot better about Michigan's here. He wasn't playing for them. So, but we're hearing in asked me, you hang us at finally, you know, I'm just going to call somebody and they like side, and they were like, okay, fine fine. By the end of the day. They made a deal. The other thing too is as someone else has called me since I talked about it. And this is what the think were sensitive to if Quinn Hughes. Lease now. Are they going to rip the Canucks are they gonna rip the player? They're gonna rip the player for bailing on the team. Same thing. They call. It postal got exactly or Charlie Coyle. Really? Went up to the Q. Why would you do that to the guy? And they just said, you know, what we're not going to put them in that position. I think they really wanted to do it. And I totally understand why they wanted to because the kids dynamite. He's going to be a hell of a player. But I think at the end of the day, they're just like, let's not even think about putting him in that position. We made a deal you mentioned that Pederson has and his performance has changed expectations for the Vancouver Canucks. What was once thought of as a long-term rebuild might not be so long? How close you think think Hoover is? I don't think they're close yet. They need some more Quin Hughes cures a defendants always harder. Right. So I'm curious to see how effective he's going to be. I assume he'll be in the lineup next year. So I'm curious to see how effective he'll be. But at least you've got talent there that you can say the one thing I think Vancouver. That's worked better is a lot of these role players. They've. Signed the contract. Yeah. Beagle sell even Brandon Saad are like is taking a lot of abuse there. Now that you have Pettersen in your top, and you have hor VAT as your number two center..

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