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Is a great word, fonts, by the way. That is one of your favorite words. Formidable. I have to find a way to use for metabolic at some point. Someone's going to say my golf swing is formidable. I would say it's forgettable. Like both of those are big pics. I mean, Gonzaga, I concerned back in sag even carrying over from a year ago is when people got up and underneath them. I took them out of flow. You know, they just didn't function the same way, not that they weren't good, not they were good through the course of the season. They didn't have a great non conference and Purdue who you put on the couch funds. Because they didn't guard and they are another team that when people push them out, to me, and maybe this sounds crazy, the team with the most pros. I do have the most pros. Duke's going to have four first round drive choices. Now, there's a fine line. They get to the final four. Obviously they struggle down the stretch. I thought their last game pressure had nothing to do with it. I mean, I think of Wendell Moore shots. I think of Trevor keel shots. What are you talk about a team that had a dominant post player had a dominant forward, Jeremy roach has moved to the point guard. I thought it was a great decision in terms of helping them get easier baskets, experience with Williams experience with roach experience with more, just in terms of talent, they didn't always play that way, even though they're an analytics were really good. Just in terms of counter, I mean, it was hard to say there was another team even close to as talented as duke. Would you guys agree with that? Yeah, but I think what it sounds like we're saying is we're picking the teams that should have been the best. Purdue, I thought was the best team in the first couple months of the season. And then I didn't think so in the last two months. And I would say a similar thing about duke, like early in the season, you kept thinking they were going to stay on that upward trajectory and they didn't and toward the end. In the tournament, the first two weekends, they were the best team. And it didn't play that way. It didn't play quite that way against North Carolina and give the heels credit for that. And I guess in the Gonzaga pick, it was more about, you know, how they played all year rather than because I think we could pick any of these teams to say to give in time they could beat the other. They could have been the best team all that. But it sounds like what we're saying with Purdue and duke is they should have been best. And it didn't turn out to be that kind of year where we had a team that could separate. And I don't really, I'm not sure I know the reason why, honestly. That's why at the beginning of the tournament, remember when we did a podcast on selection Sunday, we were all saying, God, when was the last time we said I don't know this much, you know? It's crazy. Yeah. How much of that you guys think is the fact that many, if not all of those teams had a glaring weakness and JU pointed this.

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