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And the gladdy she was referring to or the Gladys. She was referring to was Gladys Shelley. And how did he look I also received a wonderful story. About Hildegard from Sharon McKnight. She inhaled the communicated quite a bit because Hillary personally new Sophie Tucker, and you know, Sharon McKnight, doesn't incredible Sophie Tucker show, and it's also on recording as well. You should check it out the recording. If she's not performing in your in your area. Anyway, she her story with lily took place back in nineteen eighty to nineteen Eighty-three Hillary was playing the plush room in San Francisco and the Mabel Mercer foundation run by Donald Smith at the time was having their cabaret convention there, and it was just around birthday time and Sharon was leaving for Germany for three months and she wanted to celebrate the sweet lady so what she did. Sharon McKnight, took this cassette player on the stage and walked onstage and greeted her and their several hundred people who were attending the cabaret convention sang happy birthday to Hildegard. So he'll be of course, was not there. She was performing at the plush room. So she took the cassette tape and mailed it off to Hildegard and never heard anything from Hildegard. But Hillary didn't respond because she was embarrassed. Because Hildegard didn't have a cassette player. Hildegard didn't have a turntable. Hildegard didn't have a CD player Hildegard had a grand piano and sheet music that was her apartment, and he'll be was embarrassed. So one night her manager Don to layer picked her up and said, I'm in my car, bring the cassette, and they're they wear on east forty eighth street listening to the entire audience of the cabaret convention in San Francisco on tape. Singing happy birthday to Hillary. That is such a beautiful story. Thank you. Sharon McKnight for sharing it with us. She is such a beautiful woman. You're absolutely right and Sharon's favorite song is our final song of the set off Hildegard. And that's darling. Duku? An American boy. Laura lovely modern was with. No, French and his command hit tried to make her understand. Don. Say what? To do. Company. Aw. Wondering how you? That's the way. From doll. Sure. For you is. Hi wash. My French were good enough. Tell you. Measures. All. You mean to? Aw. On my. Do. Absolutely. Removed. Share? Romance. Con Newsom Malone. Remiss? Do you love me too? Oh sweet..

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