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He wrote it for his sons. It's there. Are we haven't had time yet. Pretty recent is brand new and I'm, I'm gonna be. Thing about the funeral though I told him I gave him my word. I would read the book. I said, at least before your funeral. Every time it comes up, they're like, oh yeah, you're gonna. Wait until you know until he dies, whatever. And I'm like, I'm the one. I'm not the one who said that. Chandler always says, I'm not the bad son. That's a good line. He should keep that line. I'm not. I'm not the bad. Yeah. Well, now know, well. It's bigger than a book here. That's a whole separate book ends with a knife fight in the moors. Book of his his. Camry burning death. Fascinating trailer chilies followed up with you about the car. People want to hear more. I have not seen anything in the mail yet. So did they respond to your DM? Yeah. Well, I said so I sent my address and I said, thank you. I love you and they said, hold on a free at the just casually said, thank you. I love you. DM's very important voices in my life. So I don't use that. And they said in response love is super mutual. This is the official. I heard this. Epistle blue checkmark. Kallis silly. Oh my goodness. Mutual mutual mutual feels much bigger than Chili's. We, we're in the car. Then we were discussing this. We were discussing this because here's the deal, whoever they had to have heard the episode where we talked about Corey Bury's took play black card conflicted with your love for Chile's. Right? You're you. You met the founder, Roger, chilly, and you're going to do a podcast right from jellies chilling Chandler? Yeah, we gave them a solid forty minutes of airtime a very large national audience. Yeah, of course. They need to give you a black card. We have given them thousands of dollars of either way, but the. Said would send people to eat at Chili's. People on Twitter be like, you know what? I'm gonna go to Chili's. I saw somebody came in all talk on real talk. I got. I know we have been sending them business. We've worn them that the that the tile tabletop grout is probably disgusting unsanitary, but people are saying, you know what the case was worth it. And the other thing too is like my what? This is my honest relevant staff tonight. Everybody's going to Chile, that's that's no joke somebody somebody day because I'm leaving. I'm leaving this afternoon. Go back home. I came in, I'm bummed you're leaving today. We're going out to Chili's tonight to celebrate. Impact we Chili's. Tired. There's tons of places to go after the right nine Chili's as far as. Taste. I'm going number one. I don't think of black card existed prior to our podcast. Jerry, Jerry Seinfeld tells the story famously about the AmEx black card. And he was on a shoot one day and crew member asked him, hey, do you have a black card, AmEx of the mythology? You know, the the myth of the black are, do you have one and Jerry Seinfeld called the president of antics and said, hey, I wanna blackheart and the guy told him the president said, no, it's just a legend. There is no black card any and then he goes, maybe we should make one. Yeah, and Jerry goes, you should make one and I want the first one and so-. AmEx created a black card gave Jerry Seinfeld number one. And now they do it for like the Uber high. If you spend over a quarter million dollars Uber, Uber high end people, they created black hard because somebody said you should have a black car yet, and we said to chilis blackheart now what will the black card do my theory? I have a theory here, glorified gift card. No. I think the first thing that's gonna show up in the mail is actually just a black colored chilies gift card for hundred bucks. Kind of. Make a black card do because the way Chandler and his friends would consume chilies would put them out of business, an opening Deidre legit. Thank hey that they use their thrown around the the Elbaum love..

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