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Scheduled mediocre radio show right here go so rude, so very rude when he says that he is, he's obviously listening to a different show. Welcome back Jason and Alexis in the morning of my talk, little 71. Everything entertainment everything. Cubs. I'm Jace and I mean little Tiger cubs. I'm J selects Dawn and Kenny. Hey, one note. Thanks to our diligent, hardworking my talkers, Panda and Phil, I guess Buzzfeed. Everybody contacted former Ellen producers and employees on did an article already and I'll just read one. You guys can read it yourself a little bit later. But basically the through line is she missed the mark. So no God, Yeah, she goes, one former employee said quote. Not only did Ellen turn my trauma Turn our traumas into a joke. She somehow managed to make this about her. So I know so you could read that on buzzfeed dot com. Everybody There were 47,000 season premieres yesterday and Kelly Clarkson was one of them. Said Ellen could take a page from Kelly Clarkson and her premiere yesterday. Okay, So did she talk about her divorce? Yes, she did. And this is why I think she could take it. Oh, yeah, I Yeah. Ellen could take a page from it from her premiere because Kelly Clarkson was really sincere about her own personal issues that she has had. You know, she's announced that she after seven years, divorcing her husband, and that It really came as a surprise to her. She also said that she's not going to go too deep into it. But when it's appropriate, she'll talk about it because they have four Children together to together. And then she step mom to her older to his older two Children on DH. She says that she is a kid and he is a kid of divorce, so they never wanted this to happen. And that with all the change in her personal life, what will probably get Is her feelings in music, which is great. I had a little bit of the audio Alexis. Oh, yeah, Let's play it Wonderful years. Kelly Clarkson from yesterday's season premiere. 2020 has brought a lot of change. Also to my personal life definitely didn't see anything coming that came But what I'm dealing with this hard because it involves more than just My heart. It involves a lot of little hearts. You know, we have four kids and divorce is never easy, but I am okay. Everybody keeps asking. Are you okay? Okay. And I am the answer is yes, I will say this, though, when I When I got upset When I was a kid, I had a problem like saying how I felt when my mom told me to start writing And that's actually how I get my feelings out, so I probably won't speak about it too much. But you definitely We'll hear it musically. Probably. That's how I became a songwriter. Oh, yeah, There's nothing better. No offense to celebrate her. There's nothing better than break up music. Well, child. Yes, I didn't actually hear it. But I was I was kind of reading between the lines and pretty sure what she just said. Right there is she's ready to marry Kenny Olson..

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