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Right shoulder also westbound i90 ford i 75 a crash just cleared and you are stopping and going back to grass it in detroit in the twenty four hour traffic center i'm kt that will devil day newsradio nine fifty thank you kay tina your accuweather forecast that i partly cloudy and chile low forty four don talbot in the thirties celts wear tomorrow some sun than turning cloudy with an afternoon shower a high of sixty two on saturday for the rain early otherwise breezy an afternoon a high of forty eight degrees aides it's fifty two in the city right now the news watch never stops wbz newsradio nine fifty w wgam good afternoon i'm russ mcnamara on these the top stories president trump vows to step up the fight against the opioid epidemic cbs news seconds away plus a huge renovation till the detroit windsor tunnel august the scale of one to ten act probably put it out of fifty i'm charlie langton you'll nine fifty wgam troy it's five o'clock cbs news i'm dave barron with nearly one hundred deaths a day attributed to the opioid epidemic the president has declared a public health emergency there's cbs's bill rehkopf announcement president trump said that we can be the generation that ends the opioid epidemic the president talked about initiatives already underway us postal service and the department of homeland security are strengthening the inspection of packages coming into our country to hold back the flood of cheap and deadly fat no administration officials say today's declaration will allow changes such as expanded access to medical services in hard hit rural areas no raikov cbs news washington a pharmaceutical exact faces federal charges cbs's investigative producer pat milton explains why federal agent end up in an early morning a wreck in their own day john cook or in air founder and former ceo of pharmaceutical comp penny and on charges.

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