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Hey guys welcome to relatable. Today i am talking to billy hollowell. He wrote a book called playing with fire. And it's about supernatural activity. Demonic possession satan satanic powers thinks so we don't necessarily talk about explicitly that much on this podcast or really in christian culture at all but he has uncovered why he thinks it's so important especially in this present moment for christians to understand that this is going on to see how this is going on and then for is with the power of christ to push back against this. I we're actually going to talk about a little political subject. But it'll tell together because he did not vote for trump in twenty twenty and so we're going to talk a little bit about our differences in our agreements there. So it's a really good conversation that i'm looking forward to hearing here. Is billy holwell belly. Thank you so much for joining me. I think a lot of people who are listening or watching already familiar with you and your work but just in case. Can you tell everyone who you are and what you do sure. Yeah so. i am a journalist. I'm a commentator. I actually worked at the blaze. I was the faith editor at the blaze for about a five years and some huge blaze fan and i've been working for really the last fifteen years more than fifteen years now in and so politics and faith in the last five to seven years. My focus has been culture and faith and just diving deep into patterns of what we see happening. Wyatt's happening and sort of helping people navigate that and you wrote a book called plane with fire and about supernatural activity and monica activity. And i want to get into all of that. And i'm super excited. That's going to be the boko. Lavar bulk of our episode. But something that you. And i have talked about on twitter before that we talked about a longtime ago discussing on. This podcast is your support. Then you're not support of donald trump and by support. I just kind of mean. The chew voted for him in two thousand sixteen. You did not vote for him and twenty twenty. And i'm just so interested to hear your reasoning on that because that's not something that i hear a lot of conservative christian. Say that they did. It's sort of the opposite right. You hear a lot of people. Say i didn't vote in two thousand sixteen and then i did in twenty twenty and so here's the thing i live in new york and i had said many times during the campaign and this is sort of sounds like a cop out but if i lived in a state where i felt like it really mattered i would have shown up in voted differently right and so i didn't vote for either trump or biden and i really struggled honestly with the entire thing and i think for me it was you know in two thousand sixteen. I sat down with trump two weeks before the election. he called a bunch of never trumpers to trump tower..

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