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In this movie because there are so many characters who just kind of disappear or show up and have a dramatic moment that is entire feels entirely on earned that the movie than does nothing with there's just the secondary characters in this film are so befuddling to me a we have even talked about don't think about the guy who kind of roles in as a figure of menace of and of with no discernible motivation at and without spoiling ending i think he can say it's not very satisfying the way they ultimately deal with him either right i i think that you know when you look at this movie out what you can see what everyone about sam rockwell the portrait of the woody harrelson cut character is not nuanced in the slightest and there is no examination what so ever what it means that he is allowing this brutal racist police officer to remain a police officer and to sort of mentor and encourage and parent him lake that says something about who you are you can't just be like and then he's a good old god is an aside reserves like like i think he says it alleged torture ray over his i collection was like yo like what are we and that's played to me for a lie it is we're kinda like boots no proven that he that lake it's not funny liquid you touched if like you keeping a i don't know maybe i'm just not in the mood for this you know it's funny linda you just you just said something that was the first thing written down in my notes and actually circled it here first thing i said about this movie boy i don't know that her.

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