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The years from Los Angeles County, the county's library director Skype Patrick is being recognized by library journal for her efforts to eliminate barriers and increase access to services goal, really. For me. It's created environment. A learning environment for everybody to that end. Patrick created the count equity initiative. So each of the counties eighty-seven, libraries, we'll focus on providing programs to fit the needs of the communities they serve, and it's also about creating a platform for equity, we here in libraries understand that the work that we do is never really about equality, but it's about equity Patrick says it's the difference between providing the same resources to all people and tailoring them to each individual to lift everyone up to the baseline. Field next to make more room for people who are not your typical library type Patrick says when she was starting out. It was really difficult for her because she didn't fit the stereotype of a librarian over the years. I realized that a lot of us don't. Profession needs all kinds of people. Most of us are here because we want to help other people, and she says that doesn't look a certain way it comes from the heart. Claudia pesky tau KNX ten seventy NewsRadio jumped on stage at a Taylor swift concert in southern California has now been arrested on suspicion of beating a man to death in San Diego. Police say twenty nine year old Christian Ewing was arrested for a parole violation a few days ago and rearrested yesterday on suspicion of murder in two thousand fifteen weeks stuck into Wisconsin. San Diego's Petco park and then jumped on stage while she was performing he was tackled by security guards, one of whom suffered a broken rib doing pleaded guilty to assault and got two years probation. Residents in south Los Angeles affected by a water main break or learning their water is safe to Drake again, the break of a twenty four inch water pipe damaged eight homes. A created a large sinkhole sending residents out of the neighborhood while crews worked to repair the pipes after some initial testing and a boil water notice DWP announced the water was safe to drink again. Several cars were damaged yards and homes were flooded. And a sinkhole of sections buried in the mud crew spent the weekend trying to fix the problem which also put pressure on other pipes it all about seventy five customers were affected American. I said he toured the area and gave out target gift cards to people who had evacuate Hobie dis paint a little bit for the holiday. Some residents were being put up at a local tell they Davidge vehicles were towed to a safe yard. But we're not being charged for that storage. Thousands of people gathered at the.

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