Senate Judiciary Committee, Norway, Christian Nielsen discussed on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell


And you have decided to do that in under oath testimony to the senate judiciary committee you will lie about anything here is christian nielsen lying under oath today norway's of predominantly white country isn't it and i actually do not know that serve but i imagine that is the case norway is over ninety two percent way now we haven't been able to find any biographical information about christian nielsen's ethnic heritage but according to ancestry dot com most people named nielsen trace their heritage to scandinavia specifically denmark now there's denmark on the map right across the water just south of norway now you have to be of scandinavian descent to know that norway is predominantly white as senator lay he put it in his question that provoked that very inept an obvious lie christian neil centene obviously decided she had to lie about it being common knowledge that norway is predominantly white she had to lie about something everyone knows which is that norway is predominantly white in order to protect the racist president of the united states who last week in a meeting that christian nielsen attended said he would rather take in immigrants from norway than from any of the fifty four countries of africa or haiti countries that are that are the opposite of predominantly white christian nilsson believed she had to pretend she didn't know that the president was talking about white people when he said he preferred immigrants from norway and so she lied for the president today under oath john kelly was no doubt very very proud of his protege today she also tried to lie about what was said in that room last week in the oval office she tried to assign the kind of ugly profanity that the president used about all of the countries of africa to everyone in the oval office that day.

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