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Five one six four one one zero seven one did i get that right you did and thank you for clarifying that cassie right well i guess i gave out a wrong number two so i just got a little jumbled there before we jump back into topic i was thinking of something over break and i want to share with the listeners in our class called five steps to boost metabolism we have a really great graphic a great slide where it shows a loaf of bread and some delicious looking dinner rolls and the title on top of that slide is the body makes fat from carbs so true right it is and i really don't think it's any new way of thinking necessarily i mean i think even my grandma's generation knew that if they wanted to lose weight they needed to eat a little less or maybe give up altogether they're toast and their sandwiches and their dinner rolls so here's the question for all of you listening would you be willing to substitute a salad or substitute some cooked vegetables in place of the bread over the next three weeks and see how you feel it didn't take me long i was forced to give up bread for medical reasons and i cried and honestly overnight my cravings were gone and it didn't take more than a week or so that i did not miss the bread at all because the vegetables have so much more texture and flavor so i really encourage you i challenge you to give it a try try it for three weeks get the bread out replace it with vegetables and i think you'll find that some magical things happen that's right so back to our topic or to continue our topic we're talking about today are we a culture of high insulin i think we have said we seem to be we are according to jason fong dr jason fung in the obesity code he posed that question are we like the pima indians that cassie talked about and now it's all about process carbs for many americans so interestingly babies born to mothers with just station diabetes have three times the risk of obesity and diabetes later in life that is interesting it is and i look back joanne and i don't think all mothers you know like my mom's generation i don't think they were always tested right and i just wonder if some of the bigger babies that were born had right moms with just a national diabetes so something to think about right those children who are obese in childhood have more than seventeen times the risk of obesity going into adulthood and this topic is very near and dear to my heart because i was one of those babies that was born with insulin resistance my mom had jason just station diabetes and even all those years ago she did no and she was tested i was a preemie and i was fed formula containing corn syrup oh all those factors together i gained weight very quickly as an infant of course horse i have fought weight gain and insulin resistance my whole life so i didn't really learn the reason why until i started working at nutritional weight and wellness and i learned this information from dr robert lusty work book fat chance that was a big aha moment for me so dr less dig is a pediatric endocrinologist so about five years ago i've started putting these pieces together and i thought no wonder i gained weight so easily in my childhood and throughout my whole life and just knowing that has made it very easy for me to give up the bread okay okay there's the happy ending can now it's just like that's a no brainer for me now no one well you are such a positive person that i i would have guessed that's what you would have taken away because i can imagine joanna's i listened to your story you know if some people were to learn i was born insulin resistant i was born behind the eight ball i'm destined to weight gain they they may have thrown up their hands and said this is what's going to be right but you took it the other way and you said okay no yeah i was born at a disadvantage so i have to be more conscious and more mindful that's right and and give up the bread and i'm and i'm past the.

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