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Everybody looked honeymoon period with rear ripley when she came to the raw side. There's a honeymoon period. People that have old her in annex t very excited wanted to see was going to be happening with her all. Hey great you know new face. Yes because remember one of the biggest complaints that was being talked about was man look at what's going on with the women's division for. Wwe here man. They're hurting. They ain't got no remember. There was a point where we didn't have sasha. We still ain't got becky but we didn't have becky charlotte was kind of around. But she was doing some stuff here and there and it was a case where people were being so vocal about man. What the hell my whole thing was. Yeah no shit. We got a problem here. They didn't quite build up the ford right next man up. They didn't quite do that like the way they do it. Down in annex t next man next woman up they do a pretty good job filling in those those gaps. This person got caught up. Okay next up like take us by next up like qom step up so the here we ripley was going to be coming on. Or you're going. Oh aren't there should be good. This is actually going to be good for the women's division that after our honeymoon period was over. We're going look real ripley. I got number law for her number love for her. She's a hell of an athlete. Hello performer make no mistake about it. Long as she's on the mayor roster she will be a multi time women's champion. She will be getting another run as women's champion a lot sooner rather than later make no mistake about that whatsoever for me personally my two cents from a distance and i could be totally wrong about this. I just feel that would summer slam right around the corner. Wwe back and full effect in front of the lie fans..

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