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Me into his league And I guess it was. I WANNA say like six years ago seven years ago. Something like that. And his league is the two quarterback league so I love that when the most and then t either last year now. Two years ago was my height and I had four league's going and that was way too many leagues. That's way too many teams to keep track of and things to have going on. I mean you saw how distracted attracted was last Sunday. Like imagine if I had four teams to check on during Sunday brunch. So do you listen into freakonomics radio. No do they talk about offensive at all. Yeah it was a couple of weeks ago. I don't know it was like two three weeks ago. They talked about fantasy football. And and the part of the interview that they did was familiar with the freakonomics books and stuff. Yes yeah okay okay. So but one of the things they talked about was the interviewed the Guy who essentially like started his version of fantasy football with buddies and then what he started. It was pen and paper Pencil and paper in like the eighties. Whatever kind of is what became fantasy football today and this is the a guy who has been doing fantasy football for like forty years or something right and you know? He's the oldest and longest fantasy football player. You're like in the world having you know I don't know if that's a thing you know pat but anyway anyway. Yeah I would I would. If you're into it I would listen to maybe a couple of weeks check it out. They talk about sports gambling. All right yeah. So are weak kind of a regular regular week nothing extraordinary nothing exciting I did get my photo that I wanted the thirty by forty. Finish of me at LEADVILLE. Oh sweet yeah. It's up in the garage. I was pretty excited. Looks did you get that dude looking at you dude. Look Oh Eddy Merckx. Yeah I have a I have another picture of Eddie Merck's who's like the greatest cyclist of all time and he's just sitting there and he's watching me right and then watching me right love it. Yeah I'll take a picture of the wall that it's on so you can see what I'm talking about but yeah it's a metal print thirty by forty. I mean it's it's enormous and like it's just you know how often you have a big print yourself and so I told clarice say said you know I want you on the wall but you gotta do something you know. You can't just take a picture of you like no. You GotTa do something epic epic wasted your filthy all and then we'll get you on the wall to do you have any. Do you have any pictures of her birthing Tim Year..

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