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You have a singing of this. Singing was always been just so good. Just the most amazing vocalist. So i'm going to hate myself for this. I have to look. Her name was the name of. Oh god i hate me one of the modern rally no she was one of the mommas but she was also In the medina goes to jail play. And i think she's saying yes. Jesus loves me. I think that's the song that she sang and it was so beautiful off. What is her name. I love this lady was it beyond in shantelle. Christopher and jet eliah crystal collins. i'm looking at the castle. i crystal collins. that name sounds crispell chrissy collins. I don't know if it's hard though one of y'all are going to tell me about obviously aalyah concern name. Is mama chrissy. i'm so annoyed. Oh is her is christie collins bs. That's her god. I see her face. And now i'm like i know exactly talking about. She sang play and it was like and if i remember correctly she didn't have like a large role i think she was.

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