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With stations all over the US North America, Puerto Rico Guam and by satellite. We are coast to coast AM Connie Willis here broadcasting out of one of our many affiliates. KOA NewsRadio Denver. Okay. Our next guest here. Let's get right to it. Now, he has been around for a long time. And he has a ton of information that he has given us it is an honor to talk with him. He is very well respected in the UFO world. And he's a pretty nice guy too. By the way. So I wanna make sure I give all his little credentials out because I think it's worthy. And he deserves it for sure a lot of times I like to go really quick and get to them. But for those of you that have never heard about Bruce. Let me let me give you some of the information long career at the naval service warfare center. He's worked on optical data processing generation of underwater sound with lasers and various. Aspects of the strategic defense initiative and ballistic missile defense using high. Powered lasers. It's always amazing to me the background of the people that really get into studying the UFO's. Because they're major may. I mean, they're really intelligent people that get into this. And all of a sudden, you know, they're they're learning and finding out information on UFO's that's significant he has been active in UFO research since the late one thousand nine hundred sixty s he joined the national investigations committee on aerial phenomena and was active in research and investigation for nightcap. What I just said until its demise in nineteen eighty. So he's been doing this for a while he became a member of move on back in seventy five and appointed to the position of state director for Maryland. I think he's still holds that. At least the information. I got it at the time. It had said that and seventy nine he was part of establishing the fund for UFO research and was the chairman for about thirteen years. He presently serves on the national board of the fund his ufl research and investigations extensive very particular as well, incredibly detailed. He has also done historical research and was the first to obtain the flying disc file of the FBI. That's the real X-Files files. Folks. He's authored and co authored many books many articles. If you go looking him up you're going to see a ton of things he's listed also in the who's who in technology today. An American men and women of science another big thing. This is not just some guy called out of pulled himself out of Iraq. And he's saying UFO's you have folks. No. I mean, you have to see stuff it is so meticulous. I was I was reading some of this stuff preparing for tonight with the green lights, and I just I couldn't. I mean every sentence. Nothing was. Is thrown away. Every sentence was used to throw something at you more information at you. It was amazing. He's appeared on a lot of radio and TV shows. He's been around for a long time and documentaries you've seen him before. And you know, what is even cooler? He's an accomplished pianist and organist, and I think that is really awesome. And I had fun talking with them just to meet him for the first time of always seen his work. But it was great to chat with them beforehand and only talk a little bit because I don't I don't want to mess up the show. So we talked and we even laughed at a few jokes. And so anyway, let's welcome in Bruce Maccabi, welcome Bruce..

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