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My true love will be few mentioned seeing that today. sing it ever you know that was a home before becoming. and he's laughing Miller I'm I'm surrounded by big. the lady's gentleman welcome to the male female our I'm Dennis Prager and we talk about men and women how long do you need today before you know is this person right for you my theory is not long. what do you tell me those of you who David a lot of your call again and they're fast today they want to hear your stories I'll be seeing brief but I want to hear them. who have you know just knew so quickly ask within a week or a month and and fine but it would be interesting for me to hear from people who dated for three years. what did you know after three years that you didn't know after three months that's what I'd like to do. it's an interesting thing to me I'm with my wife there fifteen years. and the hi if you ask me I'm asking myself as I say this. obviously I know her better now than fifteen years ago but. there were no surprises. what I what I thought I knew immediately. was was accurate. a lot of clean many. particular gifts of perception in that arena but just that my if I think it's the same with her I don't think. everything came out there was a there was a shock I mean there are people I mean it does happen I've heard from you there are people. who. marry somebody and then find out that they have some addiction. drug usually drug alcohol or around the hole. and that was hidden during the dating process. that I mean that's the one example I could think of. all righty everybody let's see what you have to say Terry in Argyle Texas Terri of Argyll high. hi you inspire me every day and you help me every day.

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