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Saudi joint. Oh, You can man, also hit me Paddy up on Twitter. scandals And it's Vince wearing Quinn. this That's tight all one word black leather at its fins. outfit. Quinn so coming up Oh, next God. LeBron Incredible. James with an All injury. right. What do you want And to say, so David? I want to get a little I bit just into want to, uh, what correct. was the The injury? attorney What who called does it mean the few for the Lakers? minutes ago from That's all coming Florida up on the other side. about Keep it right here. the $500 mouth that $500 is just the minimum threshold. The mountain. That you have to sue far to gain jurisdiction before that court. In other words, If you were claiming damages safe for $300, or any amount less than $500, you'd have to file your lawsuit in enough. Smaller court like the small Claims court, Okay, you can, uh Your witness is high amount of damages as you can it unless there's a statute of course that has a cap on your actual damages. Usually for punitive damages. You can when it is menus you want and as far as the what you said about The low amount having a low amount. Um, it just seemed like it was a bar. You have like it was the basic minimum in order to get it into that court. In order to get whatever the settlement would be, or whatever the ultimate punitive charge would be, is what he said. Yeah, yeah, In the thing, he said about, uh, them filing for such a little amount being not to prejudice the jury. That's totally wrong, because the Terry's never see the complaint. Okay. And David, I appreciate it because I I gotta run. But and I don't want to get too deep into the legal stuff here, but because I don't know, And that's the whole thing. So anyway, uh, Couple of things to still get to hear because one there's something going on in the NC. A. That was making a lot of noise. It went viral. The Ncba reacted to it regarding the tournament, so we're gonna get to that and also Drew Brees retired this week. And so I just want to take a minute and talk about Drew Brees. We're gonna get that on the other side. Keep it right here. But first, here's a sports update with Mike McCann. See me? Yes. Sports flag. Evidence. We didn't have just one upset in day two of.

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