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Grew proud to be with you on this 50,000 watt mother flamethrower. 50,000 watts of absolute blowtorch 700 wlw. Red's rained out today. They'll play a double header tomorrow, too. Seven inning games. Two. This is interesting. This is, according to ESPN. A group of football players for multiple Pac 12 Conference schools, a group Is reportedly threatening to opt out. From playing in the 2020 season If the conference doesn't Addressed a list of demands formed by the group regarding Playerssafety and racial issues. According to this report, the list of demands include safe play amid the pandemic, fighting racial injustice, securing economic rights and fair compensation. Protecting all sports and obtaining long term health insurance. A source tells ESPN that the central issue really is racial injustice. And apparently, it's Cal, Oregon, Stanford and Lay that have the players involved. So stay tuned for that, as colleges. Are already beginning to contract. From a full schedule, just conference games. We're talking about whether or not Joe Burrow should play in this his rookie year, and there was much debate last week about whether or not he should on this station on ESPN, 15 30 on imprint. Murrow signed a four year almost $37 million deal. Bonus money. Almost $24 million in all of the 37 billion is guaranteed. My contention is if you draft the guy and you're trying to start a winning culture, what sense does it make to start? Brian Finley or Jake Dola Gullah or Brandon Allen until Borough gets his quote unquote feet under. Um, look with the look at Baltimore. Look. Att Kansas City two divergent ways to approach this one waited. One did not both waited actually, but Lamar Jackson played towards the end of his rookie year. I think you start this guy right now, there's no Joe Flacco on this team in some ways, thank God and there's no Alex Smith on this team. So why would you not play him from jump? Let's go back to the phone standing by patiently and wanted away in his Russ Rush. You're on the air and you go right ahead. Rush. You're on the air. You go right ahead. Russ must have passed away. Ah 7491 7800. The big One is the phone number on that will wait to see if Russ resurface is the bottom line on all of this is Your two and 14 team. You have placed all of this? Emphasis on becoming better immediately. So you almost have to play the guy. You're probably not gonna have a J Green passed this year. See Higgins is going to be in his rookie year. So as much as I think tea, Higgins is going to be a terrific addition to this team of this offense. It's going to take him a while just to figure all of this stuff out. It does any rookie Joe Mixon Has his own contract issues. We'll see if Joe Mixon is around after this year, but you have at least now mixing and Green and Higgins and Tyler Boyd And although the offensive line is Not necessarily well, it is necessarily not the best in the NFL right now. I think you play him. You've made upgrades to your defence. You got D J reader lining up right next to Gino Atkins. You've upgraded your linebackers through free agency and the draft and you buy a large rebuilt the majority. You're secondary. So it makes absolute sense. To play burrow in my opinion from jump Can't do what they did with Palmer. You don't have the luxury of years in that contract, and Truthfully. You don't have a backup in Finley, Dola Gahler or Alan that even remotely approaches. What Jon Kitna was in 2003. But I I think it's a no brainer. Think it's an absolute no brainer. 7491 7800 The big £1.700 ON T. Coming up on 7 41 7 41 already. 19 before the elevator clock 700 wlw. You've probably got a 1,000,000 questions about the upcoming school year. We're the classrooms Be open. Are they safe? Will there be online teaching? Does it work? What about school sports or band or social clubs? If they're shut down? Could it affect a scholarship for your kid? There's a lot to take in. That's why we're here. With reliable information and the experts who have the answers. You need 700 wlw right.

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