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But he is he's radiating good. And an otherwise it does sometimes feel a little bit. You You know? know? Pick one a one very much a Trump through the sort of the famous moments on the sort of he eras that you think must have happened. The one thing I would say is that obviously there was some controversy because the the first trailer focused on Lucy Boynton Mary Allston who was at one point girlfriend wear engaged. And then they obviously he was gay. And so they broke up on. So, but she did remain a close friend and confidante on the film, first trailer focused on her to such an extent, it seemed to be straight washing his entire life. And she is still a big part of the film as she was a big part of his life. The film makes no bones about the fact that he was gay on that he was out, and, you know, having a lot of rockstar style fund with people, but also dwells on so little. That is rather sidelines. So it's weird film because I felt like with actually lying about anything. He did it would be hard to make less of it. Feels like a film made by his friends who want you to think well of him at every stage in his life, and that's fine. But I think we can all love him, even knowing he was difficult sometimes even knowing he did some things that were, you know, hurtful to those around him, and even knowing that he does things that were harmful Mussa voltage himself, and I feel like the film dawn plays some of those elements to such an extent that it feels it still feels a little bit straight washy, even without actually technically being that it I felt it was very coy about that side of it not just outside of his life. But other things as well. I mean, there's there's it's such a PG thirteen so such a sanitized. Version of mercury's live. It is mercury story is called Bahamian rhapsody about Queen. But it's really about, Freddie. Mercury. And the other three guys are all fine. Everyone's good one of them shows the young kid Tim from drowsy park plays Joan deacon the group's bass player groups as player and. Good. What the hell I didn't know until the credits my Toby Stevens epiphany from last week. I really should go into these movies. But. But. Me. I thought the music is fantastic. It's great. You know, I like a lot of Queen stuff. So it's all good. But there's some really strange decisions in this film. I wanna see if it was written by cliff notes because it just felt like it was a quick glance at -pedia page feed it into final draft screenplay, and that's that's the process behind it. And there's I mean, there's an element of that. But I did think it was quite charming at times. I thought the interaction in the band was sweet actually Gwilym Lee is is the yes, also really important is Brian. He's just really likeable and that that can help both the selling both selling point on the problem of the film for me that feels very cozy like came this thing that's going to be a really big Hayes because there's nothing to challenge. You know, your dad who has the best of Queen type, which as we all know any type left in a car for more than four nights turned into Quinn Equipment. type. It's a good omens joke. Craigslist. Before. But you know, you're you're kind of your non who still listen to your best of Queen CD than is gonna is gonna find nothing particularly upset her in this film on one side..

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