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You know when Christian governor Cassius Batman back USA. Two thousand and three so we should know shortly. But I, I still think itunes of case still the preference. I always think there's a story. I don't know how true, this is kind of an urban myth that apparently Christian bio purchase a vowel Kilmer bat suit for his screen test like he went out and purchased it himself. Is there any truth in that? He wore the Val Kilmer Batman suit a war the, the. Sonar saved the nipple suit. Yes. The second one and they made it was just it was something they pulled from, from wardrobe cops comedic go out and actually get one. He did test the next sued yet. That's the p among the purple monkey dishwasher effects when you hear what he's very rattled around in it, because he he'd come off the machinist in lost, like one hundred on something like God's role. Yeah. And then he had not regained his his his true weighed in strength of the time, he only was screen testing. But he got the road anyway, based on unless retail performance from, from one person to another with now, hopefully, go, Robert Pattinson trying on the cow. A lot of people have, especially on film two or three kinda got divided into two camps one camp of as the internet, does it reacts in melts down of what the hell and lots of poking fun at the twilight movies, and the other half saying, notice give this..

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