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Again. The breaking news this morning. Phoenix police have arrested. A man in connection with the sexual assault at the hacienda healthcare facility. I stand here today to announce to the community that the hard work and dedication demonstrated. By the members of this Phoenix police department has resulted in the arrest of the person who we believe committed this unspeakable act when he sexually assaulted one of our most vulnerable members of our community now the individual that they've taken into custody. Nathan Sutherland thirty six years old and employee of hacienda healthcare is facing two counts right now one count of sexual assault in one count of vulnerable abuse. Now, there could be more. There could definitely be more charges brought against him more allegations brought against him. Because as we heard from sergeant Tommy Thompson. Just because they've made an arrest and just because they have a suspect Bruce does not mean case closed, and we're wrapping this up. This investigation is ongoing. That would be one of our our concerns is where there are other victims. Or how many times is occurred? We may not know how many times this occurred. Yeah. Sort of the suspect admitting to other crimes he did. What evidence would they have? That's just disgusting. Nice early. It's absolutely disgusting. Because hoc- into health care is a facility that is that is tasked with caring for the most vulnerable in our community. This woman twenty nine years old severe intellectual disabilities has had seizure sent a child and he's been in this facility for well over a decade and. This monster was taking advantage and abusing and just in the most vile, disgusting ways, we know that when somebody is a perpetrator now, I know he's alleged right? The help we got DNA evidence. And so on so forth. We have to be when you have somebody who is a sexual predator. It's not just a one time deal. No. And so there's there's two two issues. What's that? Did he? The suspect did he assault this woman more than once. Or are you to assume that it was just one time he had a baby? And did he assault other peaches in this facility who were similarly incapacitated to where they could tell another staff member or fight him off. I I don't I don't, and that's why police are investigating but biologically. Yes, it can happen one stir and result in a baby. But the chances of that when you're looking at how a woman's body works. I'm not buying it. I'm not buying it that this could have been ongoing for a while. Yeah. Yeah. And that's in and of itself. As if it could get any worse. Exactly. So you now know this guy imagine. You have a loved one to this facility. You're tuned to KTAR at eight fifteen this morning because you heard you got the the push notification. The text message four one one nine two three breaking news we've gotten arrest you tune in because you either have or have had a loved one at hacienda healthcare, and you have chief Jerry Williams stand up before you and say we have arrested thirty six year old Nathan Sutherland, and you go oh my gosh. He cared for my daughter. Yeah. He cared for my aunt he cared for my mother. Do you? How many questions are being asked right now all across the valley from people who've had loved ones where he has had contact with them. And and the frustrating part, and you even heard Phoenix police say that we may never know we may not know what we don't know because many of the people, including this woman who gave birth on December twenty ninth to the baby boy are unable to testify on their behalf unable to provide witness on their behalf. You know, one of the things, and again, as this story has unfolded in it's like layers of an onion. And it keeps getting more more difficult that we heard the family's lawyer, and some of the others just recently talk about the fact that they believe that she is aware in some way, shape or form. And that she does how she does react to certain things, and for me that actually made the story worse. Because when I hear someone is in a persistent vegetative state is we first order coma. I want to believe that there's no brain activity. Do you know what I'm saying that they're not consciously aware of what's going on? And while the sexual assault is a crime, and it's horrific in and of itself is the silver lining. They they didn't know when when the family's lawyer says that. Just severe intellectual disability that she responds. And she recognizes people in the room is it does it makes a story worse for me that she knew she was being sexually assaulted. She knew this was going on. But could do nothing to stop. It could do nothing to tell any of the other caregivers could do nothing to tell family members. I think of it like this person trapped in their own body. Right. That's what I and that makes it worse for me. That makes it worse. Yeah. As if it could get any worse, and you heard from chief Jerry Williams get about an hour ago, we owed this arrest to the victim we own this. The rest of the newest member of our community that innocent baby. Yeah. Without a doubt again. So if you're just joining us, we're telling you that an arrest has been made in the hacienda rape investigation. Here's what we know about that suspect. She is thirty six year old Nathan Sutherland Sutherland is a licensed practical nurse who is responsible for providing. Care to the victim during this time, the sexual assaults occurred Sutherland is being booked as we speak into the miracle county jail where he'll be charged with one count of sexual assault and one count of vinyl vulnerable adult abuse in connection with this crime. Yeah. 36-year-old licensed practical nurse who worked at this facility. You know, coming up we're going to get Monica Lindstrom on with us. Yeah. KTAR legal analysts. We want to understand a little bit more about the charges understand what sort of a sentence. What sort of time this person could be looking at and what liability does the healthcare.

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