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And now move the sticks with Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks walking sticks presented by New Era Bucky. We are going to continue on with our edge prototype podcast today. The prototype series spent a lot of fun in this one. I think's our best one oh I think it is best when we've talked about it here a couple position that we call the market positions in the team building process the edge rusher is essential. You talk about outside the quarterback maybe the most interesting it is is the edge rusher can affect the quarterback in the way that he plays and so being able to really do a deep dive into edge Russia's was separates some degrade ones from the others how how you kind of planet in place to become dominic edge rusher how you set it up where you made his splash plays and key moments. I can't wait to talk to the guys that we have McCoy trouble anti sack J._J.. Watt breaks.

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