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In tibet aspect of the relationship one is desire problems lack of passion or boredom kind of thing and then the last one really is sort of negativity which can get as far even hostility and that's more of a relationship issue i think but that can be a trap for couples to i'm sure these things are resonating with our listeners probably one of them if not all of them why not all right or dabbles of each one yeah i mean common is are we can always improve even if you think you're kind of good in one area there's room for improvement so why don't we start with a voidance in how can we talk about sex yeah so you know some of the signs that that you're struggling with voidance in your relationship is well it's probably kind of obvious but people that stop going to bed at the same time right or somebody they're not talking about sex at all or one person tries to bring up the conversation about sex that the other one is able to divert or deflect it or something like that it's also important to be looking like are you know are you having any sort of sexual problem or concern that then results in a void because it's pretty typical if a couple of having sexual dysfunction or some of the way that they're feeling disappointed that if wins is gonna set in right so those are those are some of the signs that that a couple of gotten to a place of voiding their sex life instead of tackling it head on in how can someone one partner is probably feeling defects of.

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