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He swirling, any lands on in-country Victor actress thinking about his next tattoo has a hankering for a tattoo. And we'll see if anyone else has a hanker for a tattoo when he votes. And it's pretty evenly distributed. So I call that a success. It's a good arena. Little bit of something to appeal to everyone little everybody. That's right. That's right. And we have reached the end of this episode so much fun. So great being back in so awesome, having you on Raymond Wong for Mashal dot com. Ray thank you so much for sacrificing your evening to hang out with us tonight. We really appreciate it now. Thank you for having me, his awesome, having you on. We love to have you back. Tell people I guess where they can follow your work if there's anything specific that you're working on that you expect to, you know, to they wanna tease out ahead of time. Go for it. Yeah. Twitter Ray Wang. R. A. Y. W N, G Y, and that's it. That's it, you keep keep tuned in there. And at you, you ride a lot Nashville, you keep business. So. He's, he's now my first source to check camera bumps. There we go for all of your camera bump needs. All right. Ray. Thank you so much. And we would love to have it back again. Sometime soon. If, if you're not doing anything on a Tuesday night, we'll get back. Thanks. Thank you, so much, and Ron good to see you, what's, what's going on in your world. Always pleasure. Not much summer skin hot. Follow me at Twitter on Twitter and on Instagram Roenick. So. Just working babies spent my life these days. But yeah, so it's fun times nonsense on Twitter. When I remember to go post there now. So and on Instagram, actually Instagram owes Father's Day. I post there are some pictures of the babies on there. So if you wanna see them, you could see how cute they are. So you guys off a rare glimpse into my private life. There you are. Thank you again. Always good to see you. And always good to see you flow, even though you're not in the studio this time. But that's okay. Take care of at home getting along flow. It seems like you're waiting Jason and I know we probably shouldn't talk about it on the show. But, but we're gonna so chapter one. Well, it's all good. Okay. You got me. Jason. When you're not avoiding me, what are you doing? Yeah. Well, I'm avoiding you. I'm also working a bunch. So actually just tune into Florence I on dot com. I have come up with a couple of little weekly columns that are a little easier for me to post to flow feed. So this week, I just put up my assessment a call them assessments. It's a new column called stuff. I like so if you click on that, Victor, it will take you to the blog post where I give my assessment of the Debnam pick, SU I just I'm buying products all the time with my own money. And I'm buying stuff that I don't necessarily cover. So I thought why not tell you how my life is working out with it ran. That's actually, what's hanging right behind me right now is the pick sue them right here. Little Android on it. It's my new little favorite toy. Of course, I will have my, my app column later this week. And mortar com should just stay tuned. And in the meantime, follow me on Instagram and Twitter at oh that flow. No w. No. Definitely no w thank flow. Appreciate you. Good to see you, here, by the way. I know I know but, but I, but I enjoy making things awkward, so it's cool. Also victor. I enjoy you. Thank you for helping out each and every week. Really appreciate your help. Thanks. I enjoy do Jason. That's not awkward. Not awkward at all. Maybe we should rename this episode awkward. You can find me here at twit. Doing my twit thing on shows because that's what I do. So tech news weekly would be my next episode. So that'll be on Thursday. I have a couple of really cool interviews lined up already. So stay tuned for that otherwise that's kind of it that's it for this week leaves voicemail.

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