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Common nationally gaming is a proud sponsor of seven forty K. T. R. H. I turn on the radio right now those who do listen I feel I feel good well informed newsradio seven forty K. T. R. H. seven forty nine time here in Houston's morning news we got some reaction from our Texas senators yesterday to the defense attorneys for the president and their testimony specially is related to Joe Biden first let's start with Ted Cruz this afternoon was devastating for the house managers for the first time in the entire proceeding we have heard just at the beginning of the Sirius evidence of corruption involving Marie smoke the Ukrainian natural gas company that paid a hundred Biden Joe Biden's son a million dollars a year so while Joe Bob let me answer I'll answer the question but question let me let me answer the question that erupted in please you guys ray Smith play paid hunter Biden Joe Biden's son a million dollars a year all hunter Biden threaten to Ukraine withhold a billion dollars in aid unless and until they fired the prosecutor investigating his son right Sir Joe Biden threaten Joe Biden as vice president and I did say that we just saw a video which I would encourage every news outlet here actually show the video of Joe Biden bragging how he told the president of Ukraine he was gonna cut off a billion dollars is going to block a billion dollars in foreign aid to Ukraine unless they fired the prosecutor in Joe Biden's own words son of a **** they fired the guy in eleven more like crazy that he had to explain to reporter what the video was he was referring to the Biden video they haven't been showing it I know they have been showing up but they have not been showing it on mainstream radio station in the usual suspects anyway at least know what exists by that is Ted Cruz wanted the senator according to say when asked about what happens if witnesses end up getting called well it goes on for ever and ever and ever because what's going to happen is if there are claims of executive privilege in the course of this sort of trial they'll have to be litigation decided in the District Court hearing in the district of Columbia that'll go up the court of appeals of the Supreme Court that could take at least weeks but probably more like months in the mean time the Senate is for clothes from doing anything to bring down drug prices pass a highway.

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