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For listening. This is well this longtime coming in a super treat to have a a guy in here. That i've been friends with for over twenty years and who was so instrumental in me having a career to begin with and be able to do this for a living edward norton writer director producer actor and incredibly loyal and good friend edward. Thanks for being here. You got meal choked up right just when you were saying writer director. Ask the chick. I even as you were saying it. I was always set me up. No no it does. Choke me up. I can't believe last night when you said twenty two years i was like. How is that possible. You're not even one of my college friends. I know it's crazy where we're all dude. I mean i just showed you told me your son. Sam is writing a book with neil. You'll i was like. I am fucking passed it because he was too rounders when he was like you said he was two years old. Here's here's what. I want to start so edwards. New movie motherless brooklyn is out and it is a must see movie. If you're the kind of person who listens to this podcast and you are. You need to go see this movie in theaters as it's meant to be seen but i wanna start And i was I were around and watched edward work on it from the beginning. As as a writer and watching your commitment and determination and relentlessness was inspiring edward Trying to understand last night. What do you think the actual number of years since from when you read it to it actually being released its twenty exactly because i read it in the fall of ninety nine when it came right before it came out. I read it i got it in. Galleys a friend. I was at a party in the village and a woman. I knew who knew jonathan. Actually i believe stewart bloomberg might partner. Who you're you know. Well writer director. He he was dating someone who was friends with jonathan and tip me off that That that he had a about it. And i got it and galleys so i was gonna say years. Twenty years and edward went on Our mutual friend ferris's podcast and really told the story in a granular. great way. we'll get to some of it. But i encourage you to listen to that pod. Because i want to try to give a little more context of certain things and one is. I have to talk about how we first met. Because i'm really interested in the person you were then and and how much of this this life you've been able to build you saw so when david i wrote rounders and we were matt was in the was cast and we were just about cast. We had this crazy idea Ted demme said to us if you could have anybody want they were gonna maybe cast. Somebody is worm who didn't have Really credits that mattered to any of us in teddy one day one. What are we doing. Who who would you guys want. If you have anybody in david. And i both said. Edward norton was down east on three. Three movies. had come out and you were smart. You know we can tell you smart and it is interesting though because primal fear I was in italy for the rome film festival. We this movie. We opened the film festival. And they did a little career They did a little conversation with and they showed a bunch of clips and i saw clips from primal fear and everyone says i love. You is also raider. But you know what's really wild is. I made a joke about it on stage like i was like i'd never i didn't change my haircut chain my haircut through primal fear everyone says i love you in larry flint maybe on larry flint i combed it the other direction and i had these little fake sideburns in but it is astonishing to me that no one including me thought to say. Maybe you should change your your eye on the front. It was look in your eyes on the front steps of the supreme court. when after. when you've won the case come out there and emory. There's this mischievous intelligence at play and your it was clear thinking i remember putting david. I'm putting all three of those things together and saying well we have these incredible cast but this is the the amazing thing so they they fly. I have to ask you because this is the moment. I'm fascinated by that because in primal fear i'm basically doing like You know kind of stuttering Innocent right then. There's this flip into this. Like thing. And i guess i i guess because i'm trying to think what would make you associate any of it with worm because woody allen thing is completely like goofball light the larry flint thing. Yeah it's intelligent but it's very square very straight right and worm is the farthest thing from square. He's you know johnny boy right. So but what roberts. In public greenwich village david me really but he ran bugs. Bunny yeah but but i. I am curious what you what was it was their stuff in the primal fear in the in the turn guy in the way. He's sort of needling richard. Because it because there's not a lot well it's probably hard for you to see the your own charisma like charisma's one of the hardest things to see right but worm had to somehow be able to keep you the problem with eric. Roberts's character in pope and you're right. This isn't johnny. Boy is eric roberts from the moment you start you just want mickey to get rid of them right. Worm had to be endearing so you had to be able to roll with him and understand why. Mike was rolling with him until he couldn't am any longer. These guys poker players are very smart so it was really important to us that even if worm as Didn't do things the way might did that. You understood it and and it was also like we were just trying to put together an all star team right. We had two zero. We had malkovich and it was like you know maddie and so the idea of well. Who's going to stand in there and really feel like okay. We have a chance to make diner because you know david. Our biggest inspiration was diner. Where these and and i do remember seeing larry flint and and and both of us saying well vaca can handle that dialect. That's the other thing that i guess edward right. Those were two of those not primal fear but the other two had big bursts of dialogue. That were had rhythm musicality to them. And you had to be able to deliver that shit to play worm and you were able to get over that shit but so they tell us everyone says oh edward norton. We're gonna do this. These two biggest star. And ted. Demme's i've i was not a in any way shape or form like a big star like i literally had done three movies in supporting parts but this was supporting part and they were positioning.

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