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Sportstalk. Seven ninety texans take care of their business. Listen i'll everybody always say well. I'm not excited. It's the pre season. I get it. I'm not either. But i'm excited that the preseason is almost over we'd go play. Nfl football but when you're rooting for your team just think how how perspective changes a little bit. And we'll hear from some of the players and david kelly on the team think our perspective changes had they played the way they have offensively. Kind of sub. Just blah blah blah and davis mills. Hit some missing some tyrod taylor three or four five throws in a game of the running games not dominate. But it's preseason you see and that's another thing you're not looking at the stature saying that mark ingram missile whole. The david johnson. Get the edge of all those. Things coaches are grading that. Use the running back so far has been a little odd. I think you're gonna see a lot of that to shear man. I made a slice. Just back matchup. Based whenever i don't think you're gonna see now may come to a game where some guys really hot run. But i would think that you're going to see. I mean we haven't carries among three seen david johnson one kerry. We didn't see philip. Lindsey a hard to get into a rhythm that way but if they all go going in like he did win a try we're going to try to get twenty five to thirty touches among you three and you got set up shoot. Say yeah philp. Lindsey had four but ingrid seven seven. Four there's eleven wouldn't and who else Jeff driscoll had five hundred second on the team. Study fills buddy. How rex burkhead with four quarterback twenty-eight carries for eighty nine yards three point two yards per carry. I'm gonna tell you they'd like to push that towards thirty carries. Yeah we had not overly productive. But i don't think you're gonna see i don't think they're gonna ever be very productive. We opened up the show talking. I mean after the are talking about the texans you hit it. How many carries twenty eight for. How many eighty nine all right. How many turnovers zero many times. They turned the team over Three was it three or four. Four four four four. Hey and they want. What was the score. They won twenty. Two four t. That's exactly what he's going to be the executive game at the blueprint. Uc right there. That's it we ran it. We'd love to run it thirty times for one hundred and forty yards and throw twentieth jeff. Driscoll's number out which is five for twenty three. You're not. I wouldn't imagine getting much. We're in the fifties and the cowboys ran like seventy plus plays turn it over that many times right. They ran a thirty through thirty six. Ran it twenty eight through twenty three. If they run sixty five plays and could run it. Thirty five even sixty percents run at thirty five times though at twenty five they would they would love it and if they could get that you know of course they want to score thirty. But that's not a thirty point game team so that's what you're looking at right there. Now they turned it over twice evenly turnover. Four times he run against you will lose is less. You can sustain these drives but think about how the narrative even for you at home. That's that are diehard. Texans fans and think okay this is. We're going to be better and we've mayor mary. We meaning texas may very well be better than four and a half winds but think about this. If we lost you know to be we'd all be saying and with terrible so the the defense is does matter the win loss from the way that people talk about it. There's no question there's at how they feel inside because they're not studying it like pro. Football focus is. We're going to watch it or i'm going to watch how quarterback play or anything. How the coaches are going to grade. It we're watching. All they won cool. Oh this is just. The naked is different but in order to win these games that carries is going to have to ramp up the yards. Precarious gonna have to ramp up. You're gonna have to make a few big plays but what they are doing forced to turn over. Protect the ball. And you got a chance. The game one when davis mills threw the ball to the team in the red zone. Can't do now this year. But you can't do it because even as a rookie. But as a veteran tyrod taylor whoever else you're gonna be in games that are so close you would think in in certain games that you cannot afford a red zone turnover. You gotta come because three points. They're going to be even though you're not touchdowns this team's gonna beg at times offensively for an extra three points to be in a game. Yeah mayfield ain't scoring eighteen against your nineteen or twenty one right more than likely these quarterbacks their plan this are going to put up points score the even the texans you're gonna game got carolina we've seen them do much in the preseason but you would imagine same. Don't do no doubt. And i can tell you this. That the the the way that the texans approach it in their game planning and doing it. And the quarterbacks are going to face they know it which would they can't do is get out of okay. We're facing this guy in the temptations to do what play like justin curb. It's gonna play all over the rice or you got a limit his production by keeping him on the sidelines. Or whoever else it is and by us. And i was a fifteen play. Eight minute drive. They threw six times or five times. Ran it killed. The clock came with a field goal or touchdown and he like man. You just took eight extra throws from the quarterback on the other team. You can't get caught up in all we got outscoring. What you've gotta do. You gotta outscore win. Obviously but you can't get in the shootout point to try out squirm unless you're down twenty seven to three at halftime. Then you're gonna have to come out chain game plan getting a gun and throw it on a regular basis. We'll see if they do. Here's a jacob martin. Let's start there on this defense in both eighteen and nineteen running back. Toback tyler jacob martin on the strip sack i and on turnovers defense created and the defense is created which is going to be their number one priority this year Knows good play. Good opportunity great covered on the back end know applaud. Those guys are the reason why. I got the sack. It'd be able to say coverage ine. You know dodson inclined to pocket notice. Get there when And you knows a great great team effort for sure most definitely cover sacks they'll give them all the credit to the db's in the back you know That's one of our models on defense. You know 'cause having in the backfield and Get turnovers Goals three game tonight. We got four You know try to finish the game with these strip. Attempts has defense in Someday i preaching some that. He preaches every day Obviously you know run to the ball gives you opportunities to the to have those those turnovers strip sack or whether it's a tip for overthrow just a good interception But being around the ball so you create turnovers and we'll hear more from the rest of these guys when we come back. And i love his approach and he talked about twenty strip sack opportunities in a game in which means you strip. Here's the only thing well. Let's tease us a little bit. And tell you the only thing that they're the main thing when you're a strip team when you not strip tease but strip team and you go for the strip. There's one thing there's something there's some things that can happen if you don't get the strip we'll talk when we get back and discuss that as well as here from david colley and mark ingram. It is sports. Talk seven ninety. Sean sows berry. Show a guys with certapro. Painters certa pro painters sorta pro dot com. It's back to school time right. We're back to school we are. You're you're spending more time at home. You're staring at the wall. I did that over this weekend. I did sitting there looking at it. And i'm thinking okay this one that i went outside and looked at the outside. I you know what brand new home. How'd they missed this part. Even during the walk through.

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