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In a statement, President Biden announced that he will host military families and essential workers on the South Lawn to celebrate and that traditional fireworks will return to the National Mall in D. C this year. Mayor Bowser seems to be on board this morning. She echoed the president's excitement, saying the district will support the White House and hosting the traditional Fourth of July fireworks celebration. The announcement comes just days after D C fully reopened. All right, well, how should police enforced marijuana laws and make sure they're enforced fairly and equitably. Public safety leaders in Montgomery County sat down last night to talk about it. The commission's online public hearing heard from retired Montgomery County Police captain Sonia Pruitt, who said police should stop arresting individuals for marijuana possession. There is no evidence that petty arrests for possession have gilded lower crime rates, while other commission members agree that Police should not be focusing on individuals possessing marijuana. Police Sergeant Kate Brewer wondered what police should do about the multiple complaints that come in each day over marijuana. We still get calls for service, like people are calling 911 or 279 8000 to say somebody outside my apartment complexes. SMOKING weed. Dick Uliano w T. O P News. Marijuana will be legal in Virginia July 1st, but it won't be welcome on college campuses around the state institutions of higher learning across the Commonwealth. Like JMU. You've a in Virginia Tech say they won't tolerate students getting high. There are approaches tied to concerns over a risk of losing federal funding if they violate the drug Free Schools and Communities Act, a law that bans drugs on college campuses and at public schools. But marijuana policy experts tell the Roanoke Times that while there is a threat of federal funds being withdrawn of schools don't have a policy prohibiting drugs on campus. It's never been realized. Matt Small w T O B News from a racist yearbook photo surfacing two years ago to policies focused on racial equity. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam was looking back at his journey. Northam says some of his policy accomplishments would have never come about had it not been for the scandal over a racially insensitive photo from his medical school yearbook. Northam claims he still does not know which person he was in the photograph the white man dressed in black face or the one dress in the Ku Klux Klan robe, But he tells the New York Times that the moment was eye opening, and it made him a better educated and more informed person. Northam says Following the scandal, he made it clear to his Cabinet that they were going to take action and work on racial equity. When asked if his story is also one of the men's privileged, Northam agreed, adding, that's the reason he wants to level the playing field. A Catia James W. T. O P News for Virginia for Virginia residents, who were the first to desegregate public school are being honored. The Stratford commemorative Trail at Dorothy him Middle school has been formally dedicated to honor 4/7 graders. Who desegregated the school. Back in 1959. Local leaders recognized Gloria Thompson, Ronald desk. It's Lance Newman and Michael Jones for their courage and said the new trail is a reminder of the county's ongoing effort to advance equity six decades later. Jones, speaking at the event, said he is proud to see progress is still much work to do..

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