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Show if you missed our discussion on a report that exposed the chaos at Florida's unemployment call centers you really got to go back and listen to that and I also tweeted out the link to the report from first coast news in Jacksonville you can find the tweet story all of that and the link to the podcast just by following me on Twitter at Ryan eat Gorman or of course if you search for PM Tampa man you're on her radio app or apple podcasts or Google podcasts you can find it there as well coming up news channel eight anchor Keith cable check in to recap the virtual town hall hosted last night with a bunch of local leaders plus I'll be joined by another expert on Florida's connect unemployment system think of it like a second opinion we recently had a top IT expert on to explain why the system so messed up and what needs to be done to fix it and now we're gonna get another in depth take on it I just I want to talk to somebody else and see what they have to say about all of this and the president and CEO of disaster recovery institute international is gonna be on to offer up some important vice to businesses on what to think about when re opening they work with with big companies AT&T Disney G. the department of defense in terms of how these different places can start to reopen so some great advice coming up later on in the show all of that more on the way our top story today Americans continuing to ignore public health guidelines let's start with more trouble on a United Airlines flight a New Jersey woman says she dealt with another pact United flight photos taken by Mary Pearson who seventy six just passengers in every seats on Thursdays two thirty PM flight from San Juan to Houston with no room for social distancing San Juan to Houston a packed flight no one it's I know did that surprise you a little bit like if it was Miami to New York I would say okay that's enough not surprising it filled up like that Sam one to Houston and others I mean he would want to get out of San Juan all the sudden they got out there on a cruise or something who knows even worse the woman who sat next to Pearson wasn't wearing a mask you're sitting right next to someone who's seventy six years old now and you're not wearing a mask Pearson said she got on the plane with a bandanna on and as soon as the plane took off she took it off and never put it back on she said she expected the airline to make sure that every other seat was left empty and the passengers were wearing masks but the virus wasn't even mentioned after boarding at three of our friends flew on jet blue American and southwest and they all have the middle seat empty United Airlines said the beginning next week it would allow customers on flights expected to be packed to rebook or receive a travel credit they also claim they require passengers and crew to wear masks on board but that definitely I mean didn't happen on Pearson's flight and she's got the pictures to prove it hello Frank in route is that they'll look it's rude not to wear a mask sitting right next to somebody regardless specially stranger like if it's your wife for something that's a completely different story but on a plane with strangers and you can see she's older meaning she's more vulnerable than a lot of people N. no mask it taken off the flight deck I guess we talked about this last week and I said people are not gonna want to wear a mask for up to two and a half hour three hour flight they're gonna want to take it off they're gonna want to bend the rules to these people just breaking the rules and that's going to become a huge problem and get this the top three US airlines have told their flight attendants not to enforce S. injures not to make sure that they comply with their policy requiring face coverings not to enforce that rule they same courage usage but don't enforce it Eric in delta and United have told employees they can deny boarding anyone at the gate he was not wearing a face covering any providing mass to passengers who don't have one inside the plane different story in a message to pilots which was obtained by Reuters American said once on board in off the gate the face covering policy becomes more lenient the flight attendants role is informational not enforcement with respect to the face covering policy can spokesman Joshua freed said American like other US airlines requires customers to wear face covering while on board and this requirement is enforced at the gate while boarding we also remind customers with announcements bill during boarding at departure all three airlines offer exemptions for kids or people with medical conditions or disabilities and of course when people are eating or drinking so there are some exemptions American said this the flight attendants if the customer chooses not to comply for other reasons please encourage them to comply but do not escalate further likewise if a customer is frustrated by another customer's lack of face covering please use situational awareness to de escalate the situation now several airline union groups have called for a federal mandate on measures including masks social distancing cleaning things like that you're gonna require it but you're not going to enforce it now I understand they don't want to have confrontation after confrontation after confrontation wall mid flight something that would likely happen but look at this the policy you're not gonna enforce that's my question but I mean I think it's it's you would think that we on the other captain of the airline or the cap to the plane you're flying on to make an announcement I would say when you when you're on board when you're getting ready for take off encourage people you please at this time you have your Matt's place put please put it on we encourage you to keep it on throughout the other flight as a courtesy to the other passengers and so we can have a safe trip then mid flight when they start serving your gonna serve beverages and stuff you know keep your mouse what you're finished with your you know cocktails or whatever but you're right back on that sort of thing do it in three you know stages essentially and then hopefully I would hope that people will comply but I can I've been on so many flights were people get rambunctious they don't want to be paid into the rules are using cell phones years ago when could use cell phones when you're on the plane so this is gonna be a big problem in the initial rollout what obviously rude but it's also dangerous I mean an airplane is like the last place you want somebody not to have a face covering I mean you're in close quarters with a bunch of strangers we've we've seen all the images I mean I've seen you know those guys digital demonstrations about how the air moves and how germs spread on an airplane and with the virus is contagious is this one you're not gonna take proper precautions you not gonna follow the rules that's that's insane I can go on a flight because if I saw somebody on the plane wasn't wearing the face mask was ignoring the rules it would be an incident there's no way around you would lose it I would lose it that's that's insane and look it's it's a difficult spot for the flight attendants I get it because you don't want to have you know blow after blow up when you're thirty thousand feet up but also these people put me entire plan at risk if I were the pilot in I would I would do the the recommendation and the explainer at the beginning and I would follow it up with one of the I mean thousands of heartbreaking stories about you know different people and what they've gone through because they were infected with this virus and and dot I liked yeah I would do that and that and the healthcare workers the nurses well you're putting your potential yeah the flights I I'd I'd that's what I would shame them and I would I would guilt them into put the damn mask back on that's a really good idea a restaurant in Castle Rock Colorado reopened on Sunday and served hundreds of customers mother's day meals with no social distancing measures despite the state's safer at home order April error a lot now the owner of C. and C. coughing kitchen said the restaurant open to support the constitution and stand up for what's right there was only one person wearing a face mask inside the restaurant even my Colorado's order doesn't even allowed dining service at all right now it's not like you know here where you can do it twenty five percent the restaurant tweeted quote we are standing for America's small businesses the constitution and against the over reach of our governor in Colorado in a tech president trump the owner also said to a local news outlet we did our time we did our two weeks risen sends were trying to stop the spread of a virus here and that she wasn't concerned about the virus spreading in a restaurant because we wash and sanitize everything anyway so she has no idea how the virus spreads apparently because that I mean that's great do you wash and sanitize but if everybody's packed in and if you see the pictures I mean that you can't move it's like standing room only and nobody's wearing face masks I mean that's not stopping anything it's always I'm I mean I get uncomfortable when either someone I hear them Sniffles or cough a little bit when I'm on a flight and they're like oh when I'm outside walking steps in and nobody's around me I try to hold in a cost because I'm afraid somebody's going to see if they're gonna think I'm coronavirus okay but I was going that's a little extreme yeah the art of the flight scenario but invariably you know I'm always concerned about that because I'm flying up to New York the last thing I wanna do is get sick on the plane which happened me last year and I got sick on a Tuesday I was there until Saturday and I was miserable at some some messes your whole vacation yeah and then invariably I when I come back if I'm not sick I get sick on the the flight back and when it comes to these people they want to protest all the stuff look I would respect it a lot more if you did the social distancing effect if you did what the White House your tags president trump and you didn't follow the rules that he put out the recommendations that he put out social distancing wearing face masks when you can't restaurant obviously reading that's why you want to make sure everybody separated anyone capacity but low right now yesterday the restaurant had its licence indefinitely suspended good I while I mean look not even trying it's one thing if you say look I got to reopen I I would be sympathetic they said look we just we we have to re open we'll do it at you know limited capacity will spread people out we'll have the employees were facemask all that kinda stuff then it's like okay you're serious about it you know this this is not serious with.

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