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This text. We don't know what molar concluded all. We know is what bar said Molin said, and that's true at least until tomorrow around noon when we get the final report upwards of four hundred pages. However, it would be absolutely moron. Ick. For bar to conclude in a four page summary things that are not consistent with the four hundred pages. But I guess what? Wait till tomorrow to find out Anthony and Oakland, welcome to kitty, K radio. No people have short memories. Visit banji. No. Yes. Let's go back to the night late nineties Bill Clinton. Was being investigated for whitewater, which who the investigation they found. No, clumped, all and whitewater. True. It would lie during the deposition to get Bill Clinton. Impeach about sex right by right? So let's look at what happened here with Donald Trump. And I heard your guest earlier the the operative put Republican operative Bill Green Bay. I mean, it's amazing how he comes on here like he by. But we know exactly what is not for the Republican. But he made you made a comment you said, well, why would they investigators tail the campaign, but they're being best gate? And he said what they ended obligation. Why did the campaign have the obligation to what a what when it formed into be is tried to infiltrate? You buddy? You go to the ability. That's right. L Gortat and going to camp kicked out campaign with some outside. If you drive through the FBI, and if anything the fair you. Why everyone lying? From Don, jR, who Manafort? General flynn. To Jeff Sessions we had to recuse himself. Right. Donald Trump himself would ask about what was the meeting at Trump Tower about it? He said Russian, adoption or some other kind of Melanson instead of what was there to get dirt on Hillary campaign? Bob board. I am looking for an explanation as to how I I'm looking forward to the report tomorrow to explain how all of what you just said still led him to conclude that it was all innocent enough and a lie to cover nothing more than what may be embarrassing otherwise. Remember, the back channel conversation that was had by the son-in-law. He was what kind of act back. They were gonna tell anybody. It was back-channel, right? Is this an affair? Yes. In its state. So so are you questioning the Mola report completely? Then what he he he obviously because let's be clear there. There was no no one was really really bad. Anybody else significantly? We couldn't decay component of getting someone from WikiLeaks or those Russians that were indicted. If some if INTERPOL grant one of those and maybe get to the one country, no split like west. Maybe that's little we're gonna come through Clinton outside of that. We're never going to find out because there's going to be the pardons and all kind of things we know one remember Cullen with someone a whole lot. But obviously, no one trusting what he's saying. So looks like some to get away with it. Do you think? Okay. What's the motivation for molar to not go forward with something that is clearly evident that something? Something was done. Why do you think he's not something may not be? 'cause he just doesn't like to Kim star investigation. Something, you know, Trump didn't testify which would allay. That's why do you think? Lawyer's wanting to testify that they knew it may be hard to find any hard criminal evidence about what they're he roosting was doing it wouldn't have been if the Trumpster gets in there and laugh through Steve now, we gotta charge and we got a peach. What's really never happened? Anyway. Okay. Senate. Okay. Anthony, which one is it do you believe that Moeller came to a very fair conclusion based upon all the evidence on collusion, or do you believe that he did not? I think he couldn't prove collusion. Okay. Criminally all right at that point comes political. And that's why he had to follow them all turn it over to the and see if he could play a bit to call and see what they could do politically which is still would have done anything because they were never going to beat them ahead. You had to get better to go along, and it it wasn't going to do it. And what you and I both know it was that exercise futility waste of money. Anthony, I appreciate you. Calling him..

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