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Yeah, I love from to be professional but goodness, we literally play in a motion Phil charged game. And this is what less than thirty minutes post game. And that's the hard part. I mean that's. It's so close to it. But a guy that won't be won't be upset or won't be crying tonight as colline Leonard, as the raptors are going to the NBA finals drops twenty seven and seventeen. Let's hear from Colli after the game because I think this is a huge talking point not only for the season, but as we enter the NBA finals Kawai Leonard bet on himself. And boy, did he win that bet worked so hard to get to this point with the season last year. Just always been no myself, just knowing what I feel was right for me in coming here with a group of guys. Lot of tally strive, every day, just kind of bought into their system. Okara Hilmi a lot with my transition on court in the court accident questions. Come just push me on a full as well. You know, oughta hard work just put together naming. No. Now, we hear exciting. Way, Ryan, I gotta say the raptors took a huge risk on loading tomorrow Roseanne, but boy, they look brilliant. Now, don't they? They do. I know we talked about earlier, but everything was in their favor not to you get rid of your that the greatest, raptor of all time, you get rid of the coach of the year. You not only pick up a guy who seems to have baggage, but do you pick up, you pick up a guy that's likely going to leave? He's, he's Boyce, where he wants to go in your organization eight one of them. And guess what? You had the best record in the league the year before and you shake things up. Hats off to missile Jerry for, you know, going out on a limb risking, if you're on a Muslim guy..

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