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And one of the most crazy NFL lions I've ever seen next Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio, Spain, and Fitz. Jason Fitz hanging out with field Yates field in for Sarah. Or hanging out with Doug kazarian. Remember behind the bets with Doug kazarian podcast, new episodes twice a week. You can listen on the ESPN app or apple podcasts. You can also follow him on Twitter at Doug ESPN. We do it every single Thursday. Can't wait to do it. Now three bets here on Spain, infants, dabbler, or degenerate. Which one are you? Let's find out, right? So this is where we're going to run through the gamut and give everybody a couple of few different levels of bet. Right. So Doug, let's start with the dabbler. The guy that's brand new to this is me with cookie jar coming up and he's saying, Doug, what do I do? What do you got for the dabbler? Let's go to Monday night football because we all like to bed games that are on TV and you have correct an interesting matchup with the bucks, Ryan fits magic that hair chest and gold chains and all out of the gates at home hosting the Steelers who are winless, thanks to a tie and then a loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. And you have the Steelers, laying one and a half. What do we make this book squad? Is it fool's gold to? And they did beat the defending champs at home and kind of lead wire-to-wire essentially is that a dabbler or degenerate bed given the so many unknowns with this matchup I think it's a degenerate bet. And here's the reason why the number that I'm more. Interested in. I believe the over under fifty three and a half this week is the second. I think the only only only higher total Kansas City in San Francisco. It's seven fifty fifty six. Oh yeah, ballpark. Yep. So like fifty six to fifty three and a half right there. That's the number of that I'm interested because I think fits and Ben could combine for eight.

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