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Charity. Are you ready? Let's do it. Let's go accordingly. The president accepted the recommendation of his deputy attorney general. It was made to remove James Comey from his position. President. Trump Fires FBI Director James Comey lost confidence in director Comey on TV. One of her biggest hits share Billboard Music Awards honor I wanted to do But I do since I was four years old, You know Hollywood. My name's Bond. James Bond. Roger Moore, The James Bond actor dies at the age of 89 number one on the radio. Spicy Get God this way. Luis Fonsi! Death! Sposito! What year was it? 17 4018 or 2019? All right. Charity. All three choices 2017 18 or 19 think Comey was like, Oh, and 17. I think you are correct. But I'll take 2018 and will leave day with 2019. Because we know it's not that yes. Spicy Trump fires. Comey share honored Roger Moore gone. Esposito, number one. The year 2017. So it's not always that middle number but I thought you were pretty pretty. I I thought for sure it was 2017. But I took the charity McCarty formula just to be on the safe side. Of course, it doesn't always work.

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