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For. Toya Brown was extremely grateful to outgoing Tennessee governor Bill has he Greenwich Brown clemency for killing a man who brought her for sex when she was sixteen years old. I think she is going to be able to help hundreds. If not thousands of young people, particularly people of color who are caught up in the system, and she will be able to talk to them about her experiences. So they don't end up where she is Brown was a victim of sex trafficking and was sentenced for killing the man she was trafficked who traffic her in two thousand four the Tennessee supreme court ruled in December that Brown must remain in prison for at least fifty one years before she was eligible for release as part of her clemency. She will be released to parole supervision in August after having been locked up for fifteen years amendment four which allows many Floridian felons to vote goes into effect today. Those convicted of murder or sex offenses are exempt and before voting rights can be restored fell. Wins have to complete their prison sentence and probation. The move is expected to impact over a million people back in the metro now, the FBI is heavily searching DeKalb county for a man it calls. Georgia's most wanted interiors Caldwell is wanted for murder among other violent crimes, a special agent told WSB channel to that Caldwell and other gang members committed multiple murders in DeKalb county a few years ago. It is believed he has family in the area. Sports now, Dirk Carter could be coming back to Atlanta soon. AJC dot com reports the falcons have offered the recently fired buccaneers head coach their offensive coordinator position cutter was previously the OC in Atlanta from two thousand twelve to two thousand fourteen expect some rain this morning, otherwise we'll see partly sunny skies with a high near sixty four right now. Forty nine degrees in midtown. For news talk thirteen eighty W A. Okay. I'm Barbara Harris mouth. Here's a look at traffic..

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