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In the roadway before four 95 before the capitol belt which can be after Ansel road by about a mile she reckoned, and it's over on the left side blocking a left lane with caution, southbound three 95 is the approach to the Springfield interchange, continuing on 95 southbound. We've got some crash activity near the Dale City truck scales. It is over on the right shoulder more of a curiosity, but now you know what's going on and so you can just keep moving Northbound, the work is on 95 across the rappahannock river and that is blocking a left lane. They say, with the volume of traffic, it's kind of hard to tell. On 66, the west bound crash was near 29 Centreville with caution for what may be there or on the ramps from 29 on to 66 westbound. Eastbound or stepping around the cones before 29 Centreville over on the right side, and then again, eastbound is after nutty street, the right lane blocked by that work. New crash in Maryland is going to be on the inner loop on the ramp to go north on Georgia avenue. That's the ramp Mark toward Wheaton. It's exit 31 a and it's a very tight curly cure ramp and someone just slid off it with caution as the first responders are there. The car is well off the roadway, but they may have to temporarily stop traffic on that ramp to get the car recovered. BW Parkway, the northbound work after green bell road heading toward one 75 was on the right side. They may be getting ready to turn around by now. In the district, the freeway is quiet, canal road still out of business between Arizona avenue and Fox hall road. Lido pizza is square because lido pizza never cuts corners. Lido pizza has been a local favorite since 1955 order online at lido pizza dot com. I'm Ian Crawford WTO traffic. A check of the forecast from storm team fours chuck bell. Cloudy and cool with a chance for a little bit more rain coming up during the course of our Monday afternoon, temperatures are stuck. Low to mid 50s at most for today and sunshine, if any, will be measured in minutes, not hours for today. Clouds and an even higher

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