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But i started washington cam last year in washington. Mike rivera's good. He's a good coat. I feel like. I have a theory that you could buy into. There are certain teams that they're in the nfl but they will never capture the imagination of the public and a lot of them are situated in the southeast and because of that they will the people on those teams in the coaches on. Those teams will never get that legendary mythical status. Did they would get if they coach somewhere else. Ron rivera a perfect example of that teams. Like the bucks. The jags the panthers the titans no one is ever going to buy into. Those teams is national teams. Right you're never going to really c passionate fan bases around the country for those teams and that diminishes the value in what the teams in the players and the coaches do round here a perfect example that put him on and legendary team the washington football team. He's genius and carolina. He's a guy who seemed to manage and team really well all right. I like kansas city over the browns for obvious reasons. What's the current number. It's moved a little five and a half it's moved in. This is great bet by you. It's move from six and a half chiefs chiefs six and a half to chiefs minus five and a half okay. It's pretty simple best. September coach decade defensive team was seven new starters again check in two months. It's different week one. Kansas city's clearly the better team sunday. I like him the win by about eight to ten. This feels like such a no brainer. And i don't understand why this number is moving in the direction of the browns and i honestly wonder because a lot of times. This happens in professional betting the wise guys play the bookmakers. They will pound aside. Were they think they can move the number only because they want to bet the other side on sunday and the browns are getting pounded. That's why the number is moving. And the browns hype. Train has been ridiculous for months because they were super bowl super bowl odds were in the mid twenties by the time. The season is opening their in their the high teens. Mid-teens too much money too much enthusiasm for the browns against one of the greatest offensive juggernauts in nfl history. Okay alliance plus seven and a half hosting the niners as we've talked about before bad teams don't know their bad until about week. Three or four. What we have seen this jacksonville. Last year. beat the colts in week. One the the coaches talking about biting kneecaps in detroit and dan campbell's very much a high energies. A motivator is. Not a schematic genius. He's a motivator. he's an alpha. He's a guy's guy he's got them believing in themselves. They're gonna play over there over themselves. And i think they're offensive. Line is one of the strengths of the team. And i think they can keep the niners pass rush at bay also jimmy garoppolo It didn't get every snap with the first team You know jimmy garoppolo.

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