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Gas sample taken from Dexter Kansas back in nineteen zero five helium bills are birthday balloons, but it's also a key element in space, the fence and energy programs, and that Kansas is the truth. Learn more about the truth in Kansas at Kansas proof dot com. So mike. I don't know if you're able to listen to the first half of the show, but we were talking about other hot air and gasses. We talked about Jim ward a little bit. So which is one of the things that we were discussing earlier in the show, but the truth caucus, and I know a little bit about it because I was one of the founding members. But it's basically a coalition of legislators, and if you don't mind can let the listeners know a little bit about what it is. If you don't mind, well, the truth caucus was formed in early twenty seventeen kind of, you know, the two thousand sixteen elections had a little bit of a shift in Kansas and both the primary and the general. So the conservatives in the legislature that remained wanted a voice both kind of an internal function strategy and things of that nature, but also wanted to educate the public about of mainstream conservative principles like you talked about limited government, individual liberty free energy. Pry traditional values, those kinds of things and so a group of us legislators on Donald legislator. I'm just a staff member, you know, a group of legislators got together and formed the truth caucus, and you know, it started off the first year with about twenty five members are so last year grew to about forty and I think this year will get to around fifty or so with some of the results from the past election. And you know, it's we're educating Coxon issues were, you know, sometime for conservative legislators to talk to one another, you know, sometimes, you know, whether it's a budget or the adoption Protection Act last year, for example, the truth caucus provided testimony on that issue as you recall, and and I think was instrumental in helping advocated along with several other organizations so from a number of aspects, it's been really helpful. I think to. Legislators and also conservative leaning grassroots folks throughout the state who wanna know that they're supposed to pick up fighting for the right? And it's going to say that has been helpful while I was gonna say you're not just for legislators though. Because I know you you help other organizations, and it's also a lot of just grass roots outreach. I mean, there's I know on your website Kansas truth caucus dot org. You've got the truth minutes. And you've got the blog. I see your Twitter feed all the time during session, but you also have some voting records that a lot of times people get frustrated because they don't realize or they don't know that my rep voted one way or the other. That's one of the things that you do right? There is provide that, but let me ask one question. And I've got I've got Mike caps and Stephen owns here. But. Is your membership? And I know the answer to this question. But I'll ask it. Anyway. I mean, how is it open? Can I go online and see if you know, hey, so and so's a member of the truth caucus. How is that done? We don't publish our list of numbers because they just don't make a habit of doing that. It's just not it's a private membership deal but members can self identify now the boards fairly open. The chairman is Senator Masterson I'm out of Butler county, and and we're both sides of legislature people should know that. So like last session, the vice chair was a Chuck Representative Chuck Weber, and so you know, members can they pay dues. They can join it is it varies a process to go about joining. It's not automatic. You. Just write a check or something. There's there's a process to go. I'm not gonna get into the weeds about that. But basically if a member has a conservative record viewpoint. Generally, they just can you know, decide they want to join and then there's a part of an acceptance and all that and we've grown steadily through the legislature. We, you know, it's not some little small group. We have quite a few as I said before so. No, I think we've been affected because of that those who are familiar with say at the federal level the freedom caucus. I remember. I mean, I was I'm a truth caucus member. I planned to maintain my membership has an alumni. But when we were crafting the a lot of this the original bylaws, we'd leaned on the freedom caucus the congressional level for a lot of our inspiration. And I think people who may be familiar with the freedom caucus. It's very similar in that organization. The original inspiration behind those that like yourself who are part of the founding was kind of a similar kind of voice, you know, otherwise, you have conservative legislator up there who maybe just themselves their voice, but collectively on the most important issues. You know, like I talked about before that, you know, will advocate for for example, a couple of years ago, you'll recall that there was a alternative to the tax increase, but didn't require a tax increase. I remember a lot of the truth. Carcass members were you know, this you know, were in favor of that idea. So it's the night. It's pushing conservative ideas, and these are mainstream things that most Americans believe in limited government, quality education and things of that nature. You go to our website Kansas truth caucus dot org. You click on the issues tab. You'll see a list of our principal priorities that are members adopted that you can list we can read the ten and in. You know, you kind of remember the contract with America from, you know, twenty five years ago, this is kind of similar to that in some ways, it's very similar the Republican platform, although we're not a partisan organization. You'll see a lot of the principles match up with that. So a lot of Republicans who are members of the legislature feel comfortable joining so which is good. You know, what's interesting is. I think a lot of the general public may not recognize, and I know that we're coming up to break here. But one of the things that that folks may not recognize is there are forces in Topeka that have strong strong voices. Yes. Everybody thinks oh the NRA or they think cans for life, but some of the most powerful KNA ks be, and I I know for me as a legislator having the truth caucus there to be a voice for conservative values conservative principles when you have such powerful you. Union organization, the most powerful lobby organization in the state is the hands down more money more power. If you look at who spent the most on mailings in this last campaign, it was the K A and the four governors, and so it's nice to have the truth caucus, and these other to counter things like the mainstream coalition and all the left wing organizations. So I commend you for your work, and, you know, keep it up. And if there's anything that we can do a please lean on me make more truth minute. I can run on that. We'll put those on the air. You know, you're right. I mean, it's it's a very important thing. I think you know, whether a new legislature a veteran legislator. You know, I think they've all found a benefit from having conversation of like minded individuals back can, you know, coal behind a certain idea really defend conservative principles advocate for them. And also educate the public just an internal thing we're educating the public about why we believe what we believe. And I think that's very important. Well, and you know, here's the one key thing that I would say is if you don't. Yeah, they don't publish the membership. Okay. Here's the question. If you're a constituent, ask your state rep or ask your state Senator I believe in the Republican party principles. I believe in these core fundamental principles. So does the truth caucus are you a member? And then ask if they're not why not. That's a good question. Because then they have to say, well, I don't agree with those principles. That's great. No, I think it's something should people should be proud to be part of. And you know, there are sometimes individual reasons why people don't want to declare, but you know, that's up to individual legislator. And and you know, you know, constituents of those legislators to ask their legislator those questions. I think that's fine. That's a good point. Thank you again. Mike. I appreciate you guys. Keep keep up the the work there and with Laura Kelly on the second floor, you're going to have your hands full. I'm sure yes. Indeed. You know, it's this session. Yeah. It's gonna be a lot of work to be done. And and making sure that the good work that some conserva legislators have done stays in law, and that we prevent bad law from being an active. Amen, brother. Well, there's a reason I chose carry on my wayward son is a theme music for this show. It's for carrying on the fight. So you guys keep carrying on the fight the truth caucus and listeners are interested. Make sure they go to truth caucus, Kansas truth, caucus dot org, or Kansas, truth dot com. Also works perfect. All right. My friend. Thank you very much. Thanks for joining us. And keep fighting the good fight. Thank you, sir. I brother. Cayenne s s at Walgreens, we know it's cold season. Again, a time..

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