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One hundred twenty million dollars severance package in the wake of sexual harassment and assault allegations against two days of meetings. That are expected to end with another rate hike will explain the implications and the best winter travel bargains this year seemed to be overseas. People are taking holiday trip the broad then domestically. We see fine theme domestic ticket sale who big increases been overseas. Ticket sale. The people were getting word adventure, Wall Street Journal travel writer, Scott McCartney on where the deals are. He's here in about twenty minutes. Four full days remaining until the partial government shutdown deadline and no signs of a possible. Compromise have emerged from Washington. Senate GOP leaders said they're still waiting on President Trump for a plan on how to move forward. Here. Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana, if the White House has a plan, they're keeping it to themselves. Democratic leaders say they have yet to hear a response from Mr. Trump on their offer to freeze funding for border fencing at one point three billion dollars the amount congress okayed for fiscal year, twenty eighteen the president wants five billion and is threatened to partial government shutdown. If it's not included in budget funding. Mercedes slap is White House director of strategic communication. We're going to find ways to get to that five billion dollars and make sure that we increased funding not only for the physical barrier, but also for technology and for personnel. Some lawmakers suggest a short term funding measure to keep government agencies operating for a couple more weeks to resolve the dispute it's not clear if the president will sign it. This week's Federal Reserve meeting plus.

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