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It was really weird. And that's why one version two came out jumped right on it. Because they figured out how to streamline their design. But the motive in particular like so step tracking sleep tracking heart tracking. Yes. And you mentioned that it has another new feature. The I need I need an explanation as to how this ring does that does the two factor. So do I. Have you not used it though? I have it's like I I looked at the technical stuff. And I was trying to write it up. And that's when the middle of tech Tober happened that I just like the review when right to the back of the shelf. I knew it. My conclusion was going to be. But it didn't I don't actually have the video put together yet. So what effectively if you're familiar with a key or Google tighten security key? Sure this serves the same purpose where if you're not familiar with that, basically you input your password. And then where you would normally get a two factor than occasion prompt being like, hey, let us text. You your one time code don't use SMS for that. And if you don't know what I'm talking about the two factor authentication at all put two factor, then occasion on everything please immediately security, so man, but instead of using that texted getting texted code sent to you or Email to you or through an authentication app. You can just have a physical key and the motive ring can now serve as that physical key. And you can you tell the computer use my physical key? And then you do this little. A little hand move that I can't really illustrate with words to well. Except to say like, you know, when somebody's asking you up or down, and you're like, that's kind of mediocre a little little hand level. That's basically what you do. And until where though you just do it in open space, the accelerometer tells the ring that that's what it's doing ended authenticates through bluetooth. Yeah. To your computer, whatever you're trying to log into Cromer, but it has to be bluetooth connected to that device. See that's correct. So does it you bikini or titans key? The very first thing you do when you're authenticating it is putting in Perry mode at forms of bluetooth connection. You do one time pin, and it's sound. Here's the problem. It sounds really complicated. It's if I was listening to this. I would be like I don't ever wanna buy that. That sounds way too. But once you once you get used to it. It's great because no one who doesn't have that physical key can get into your stuff. Yeah. And security should be the easiest thing to market to people. But I it's hard hard. And do you. Remember, what blackberry said when we were pressing him for questions on the key to. And they were like, yeah. Here's the problem with security if security is working, right? You never hear about it. Yes. Nothing's wrong. It's true. And it's impossible to sell that really say agree. Just to give a little bit of extra information as to the ring that I'm wearing it's it is a Finnish tracker. But its main claim to fame is using that information to sort of coach you and the main metric that it does that the motive does not which is the reason why I picked it is that it actually it tracks your heart rate variability. And now, I'm not going to get into the nitty gritty of it. But it's not just that it tracks your heart rate. It also tracks the amount of time between the beats of your heart. And when it's varied, and it's it's different with every beat that actually means you're more relaxed and actually means you're quite healthy, lows my mind. Yeah, if your heartbeat, even if it's.

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