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Yeah you know like in the movie the back and family photos slowly him being replaced by series of dinosaur and exactly i also because why not there's a there's a biff donna soul so close there is he's in a skype able is there an explanation for that not like did you want one yeah well there is a did a done all have sex with biff san sisters or something and biff minus daddy is that because i don't recognize them i don't think there's been any people i think it's just bane a dinosaur society year ron for three or three billion three million or three means the biff rather than being a we'd like indestructible genetic line for some reason beef is in fact some sort of evil spirits some sort of demonic entity can just enter into like a dimwitted man or a dinosaur just become it that's disturbing and i love it it's all it's all so news to me so basically they have to go back to intel to stop them to stop them not destroying the media or whatever always tannin is portrayed by tom wilson i don't know i wish i wish i wish i knew maybe you can look that up and says it is gripe if is i don't know if donoso biff is he'd have to may right yeah yeah now look i wasn't watching that closely to be honest so they go back in time but in the process biff on his tongue and he sticks onto the delory but he does and and they pull it like a hundred fate and then they go through time and then he just lift they're holding his tongue like just a whole lot of stretch taffy like ruined like that is unusable i mean he's about to be a rice from time that donna's lafayette.

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