Ryan Gorman, Nashville, President Trump discussed on PM Tampa Bay with Ryan Gorman


America. This is the 2020 vote on I Heart radio tonight Live coverage of the final presidential debate from Nashville, Tennessee. Here's Ryan Gorman. This Is it. The final presidential debate on I heart radio 2020 vote your host Ryan Gorman. And we have a really great show lined up for you, with political analysts and reporters, joining me to share their insight into the race, and tonight's debate Plus will go to Nashville and checking with our eye. How radio reporter on the ground at the debate venue. Coming up in a few minutes. We're going to talk to Elena Train White House reporter for Axios covering the president and Congress to get a sense of the president's game plan going into this final debate. Also check in with the director of the Dial's Center for written and oral Communication and the head of the speech and Debate team at the University of Florida. Keli Roberts will talk to her about what each candidate needs to focus on tonight and how the muted Mike's could impact the debate. And to get a sense of the state of the race. With only 12 days left until Election Day, I'll be joined by data journalist for the Economist, G. Elliot Morris, one of the best in the business. So all of that, and lots more on the way, along with our commercial free coverage of the debate itself and our post debate special, which will feature surrogates from both presidential campaigns. Right now, let me get you caught up on some of the details about the debate itself. It's being held at Belmont University in Nashville. From 9 to 10 30 Eastern Time Tonight. The moderator will be Kristen Welker of NBC News. The format will include segments lasting about 15 minutes, with each candidate having two minutes to respond, uninterested after the moderator opens each segment with a question. Moderator will then facilitated back and forth between President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. The new feature for this debate. The mute button for each candidate's microphone will on ly be in effect. For those initial two minutes. The topics for tonight's debate include Fighting Cove in 19, American Families, Race in America, climate Change, national security and leadership. They were chosen by Kristen Welker and were announced last week by the Commission on presidential Debates. Now the president has had some sharp criticisms about both the mute button feature for tonight's debate. And the debate moderator. Here's what he had to say yesterday. I think community's very unfair on I think it's very bad, but they're not talking about foreign affairs is supposed to be talking about foreign affairs. And I think that the anchor is.

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