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Here's Josh warning more misery for the Blackhawks and that's coming up in a second. I even with a backup QB the bears were four point favorite in the New York Sunday chase Daniel non pace to start over injured. Mitchell Trubisky who hasn't thrown a football since hurting his shoulder two weeks ago. It's the bears defense that gives the visitors a half day. The edge over the giants and even with dynamic wide receiver Odell Beckham junior on the other side of the ball, keep owed antics out of your mind. You know, he's a pregame show boater and he gets elected ethics. Get away with them south of the Phillies targeted enough last week nine targets five catches. He's still not satisfied has seventy four catches for over one thousand yards in five TD's. That's Tom fair game to analysts and Super Bowl berry. Listen to our full four downs. Friday morning interview with Tom right there on my Twitter and Facebook. Josh lists. Sports team heck's expected to go after missing two workouts with an achilles injury nine AM. Pre game kickoff bears. Giants Sunday right here on WBZ in a one of a kind sports agent with strong ties to bears in the eighties and beyond is celebrating the release of his autobiography Jim McMahon. Richard dent Dion Sanders. Steve Zucker represented him all the ex agent also negotiated a deal for our friend here at WBZ and seven time. Pro Bowl Senator J Hilbert who the greatest that ever played. And we wanted to make him for Senator Baker. Million dollars the bears wouldn't do it. Finally. They came to me. It's okay. We'll give you a free agency for twenty four hours. Well, I already have my deal done. He'll convert went to the Browns for a year and then the same. So we stayed a bear at heart suckers book, playing games is serious business about his time in the boardroom is out now, Rick Greg NewsRadio on one of five point nine FM. Listen to Rick's full interview with sports agent. Steve soccer right there at our website WBZ, NewsRadio dot com. Dallas upsets New Orleans thirteen ten taken a thirteen nothin halftime leading the hanging on drew Brees one hundred twenty seven yards and a late game interception. Ending the saints chances. The Blackhawks have lost four out of five smothered in Winnipeg down six to three. They scored a couple of late goals to make it close before losing six five Connor halibut plays. Corey Crawford who gave up six goals again. Artem Anisimov scored late for the losing hawks where Nashville tomorrow the MAC championship game is tonight with northern Illinois against buffalo up in Detroit. The bulls take a four game losing streak into Detroit tonight college ball, Chicago's Tapie east west university for its first win in nine games this year ninety two sixty seven, but if you think that's bad Saint Louis college of pharmacy, finally one ending a one hundred eight game. Losing streak the tech. Dick's beat Linda Belleville Utecht. Expedia mixture of chemical substances by eleven earning. Its first win since the first game of the two thousand fourteen season Saint Louis college pharmacy. Tommy Lasorda has been traded away. By the cubs to the angels for player to be named later or cash with sports at fifteen forty five and all the bears Josh list. News Radio seven hundred ninety FM WBZ news time, seven forty eight. Now,.

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