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Perhaps but. Not as great on. Some of them, their issues but. We we have. This is a shitty. Shitty choice to make. Like. You're choosing a shit option over an option that is like flaming shit. So That's Steph America that's a two party system for you but may be enough people vote that we keep the house blue and flip the Senate blew, and then maybe they can actually you know impeach trump and remove him from office. But like I said, even if you know Biden wins, we're going to have to deal with so much. Bullshit and violence and hysteria from all of the fucking knuckle dragging Chad ask. -servative morons around the nation who've had their sweet sweet intolerance ripped from their cold. I mean and they swear that Joe Biden is just so left and he's GonNa. Defend police and dismantle. Police forces and all this meanwhile Nigga are not going to be doing better under Joe Biden. He is not going to stop. The things. He's not going to to fix any of the societal ills that plague black Americans. Now, he might not hurt us as much as trump, but that is the best we can possibly ask for so like I said very shitty situation to be in here but. I cannot obstain from voting I had never have I can't do it now and I just there's I just have to grow I'm just vote for Communism and I'm look at it as voting for a black girl to be a heartbeat away. Bright I'M GONNA look at it like that. I'm trying to yeah because we just this fucking countryman but anyway, that's not what we were talking about. Yeah. Cardi may not be the most you know pristine political analyst, but damndest she makes them in these moments fine and really point out. how much of a circus re dealing with in terms of this government yeah. Who Knew A twenty twenty just keeps on trucking. Well, that's it. For the hot tops. This week, we're going to take a break. We'll come.

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