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Radio. Hey, whatever the reason that you listen. I'm just glad that you tune in people. Tell me a lot. In fact, I tried to convince my mom of this because she has sleep issues people. Tell me all the time that they fall asleep listening to the show. Hey, if what you need to sleep, then I'm happy to oblige. Although I have no idea how you can fall asleep to me laughing or making all the noise that I do I'm not quiet. So maybe you have the volume turned way down. All right. So I promise you this case keenum is finally reacting to John Elway and the Broncos trading for Joe flacco believe you me, he was as blindsided as the rest of the NFL and its fans, but he did at least get a heads up phone call from Elway before the news broke. Great conversation. So you know, what she didn't have to do. And I appreciate that. Definitely definitely shocked. It was it was a surprise for us. I think probably for the first day or so that's kind of what it was. But. For us. We're definitely disappointed. It's not something. We wanted wanted to happen. I know that you know, everybody's doing a job and John feels like that was a chance for him to help the Broncos out. So for us. You know, it's it's another chapter lives, and we're gonna roll with it. Case keenum on these sports spectrum podcast. I've done that podcast actually with Jason Romano. That's cool. Now, I feel special case talking about he and his wife his family now we're gonna we're gonna roll with it. We're going to figure out what to do next maybe because a few days have passed by actually I don't remember when that trade was made. It's been a week now. Maybe he's had some time to think to process to figure out what he wants to say. But you still get the raw element to it. You still get the honest. The honest. Pain might be too strong. But but the feeling of being blindsided not so much anxiety. But just the honesty of. Wow, this was completely unexpected. And we don't know what we're going to do next. So case keenum making his first public comments on the sports spectrum podcast. It's after hours on CBS sports radio. It's not football season. But I wish it was do you wanna know why I just got a really cool gift from the the members of the 93.7 morning show crew. So again, I'm in Pittsburgh at ninety three seven the fan hosting my show on the road here and the crew just came to introduce themselves. It was great. I got to meet Colin, and Chris and Jen and their producer match, and they came with a chip and dip contraption. Okay. This thing is John enormous like think about ultimate frisbee that one of those huge discs. This this particular. So it's big round plate in the middle. It has a little bowl where you would put the dip right or the guac Ord, mango, salsa, whatever it is at its decorated the top of the container has the Steelers logo and then the top of the little bowl has its own cover. And so it's also got the Steelers logo. And so now I want football season to be here. So that when I'm watching twelve hours of football. I don't have to get up to go get the chips and the salsa lime chips and mango salsa. I'm coming for you with my new Steelers chip and dip plate us. So thank you guys. Very kind of you to come over and introduce yourselves and also to bring me a gift I will not forget, and I certainly won't forget standing in the shadow of Heinz field as I was waiting for the light rail to take me down to p- paints arena. Excuse me on Thursday night. It's been pretty cool to be on the north shore and to be right there and see the bridges and see the stadium. There's a casino there and Duquesne then is right near page. And so I feel like I've gotten a taste of downtown Pittsburgh just in the few hours, but I've been here. So that was really cool. I was not expecting that. But it's good to meet you guys in person for sure one of my favorite things about taking the show on the road is the people that I get a chance to meet. And so I may talk to you or hear from you on Twitter social media or in the case of a lot of our radio affiliates. Their individual hosts will come on the show at times, but to be able to shake hands and make eye contact and have a conversation in person is completely different. So as awesome to be at the arena on Thursday night and meet Phil who is superfan. He says he's he listens to the show all the time. He was an usher on the media level. And then Paul who told me to sh- that he wouldn't make me pay for my medium meal, but he was a big fan of the show as well. And so the the dinner was on him. So thank you guys really cool to be treated so well in Pittsburgh. One hour to go. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio..

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