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They touched that distance. But i want to give a shout out to all that came out we had jamie burke matt airs lisa keating mahler and leonard rosenthal shutouts. Rosenthal is because they're their donation is what we're using to sponsor violet. Lions race as well as her team shirt is so it was going to be awesome. Thank you marla and leonard. I wanna publicly. Thank you for your donation. And then we had jim burke and he was out there power walking it up. It was a beautiful morning guys very very beautiful mortar now. I actually got their super early myself. The meat the meat up was at seven. Am i got there about four. Fifteen am and started my my run before everybody got there because it was a sunday and i needed to get home and take care of family things but i was able to stick around and see everybody and got him all started. I ran a mile or so with them and then gives me inspiration before i had to head back so that was the week that was for us. Now let me go into this topic of running books right. And i put that question. How all my social media running motivation page. And i have not touched it yet. I did not look ahead of time. I didn't pre select anything. It'd be looking at it for the first time reading what others had to say before i do. I wanted to say. When i first started running dirty i would pick off. Runners world magazine and in runner runner's world magazine. I would just read some tips. But i was very inspired by some of the stories whether it was a four hundred pound man getting down to one hundred eighty five pounds or whether it was personnel losses. Lag now teammate. A prosthetic leg and now he's a he's running marathons just so many different stories that i would get from runners world magazine. While the first book that i've ever read came from runs world and it was called one less run faster and the title of on the front of the book here says boston training programs for all sixteen qualifying times and says become a faster stronger runner with the revolutionary first training program. So this This book was written by bill bill. Peers scott moore and ray moss in this book. Hammers home the point of running three days a week. And so. that's where. I got the concept of just doing three three key train days but in this book is different levels for the different levels out there. So if you are experienced five k. Rudder you're your three days per week is going to be different from the beginners in. When i first started the keep calm it runs the program. I use the beginning chart for myself now from this book went in my late twenties and early thirties. Before i rush your mom patella tendon. I had a goal of getting a sub thirty minute kit. Because i was struggling with that. So here it is. I ruptured patella. Tendon had rehabbed nat probably was like you. I was pushing late thirties. When i say late. Thirties probably was like thirty seven or something like that. Thirty eight and i'll just get back into five k. On and after about three to four year absence you know. And i picked up this book. You know when you get runners world magazine or any magazine. There's that little card and they're telling you to fill out this card and get this book a male or something so i filled it out and that's how keep calm run to the best. You start it off this book that i'm holding in my hand right now. I still have the book. I'm holding it and i just use these so in practice. I ran my five k. The week before the five k. Was scheduled if i'm not mistaken. It was march March twenty six two thousand in okay and it was a saturday and the week before i ran the five k. At home and i did a time of twenty nine forty five or twenty nine thirty and it just blew me away. I was like what if i can get this. This is crazy. Like if i get this in practice. I'm i'm for sure going to get a sub thirty minute five gay so or raise day. I actually got twenty six minutes in twenty one seconds for that bucket following the program in this book and then i started to bump it up and started practicing for ten k half marathon. This book is really good. Talks about the water running. Let me see some chapters e. c. was good rest and recovery chapter sounded year round training. Chapter eight you know what's interesting about books guys. Is that if you had to read it in a long time is also good to pick it back up and go over those chapters again. Chapter nine running hot and cold for this is under section call performance factors right so that's really cool and once again it has something down at the last. Chapter is getting to boston. The reality of boston. How to qualify awesome. Another book that i had purchased for runner's world was the runners diet the ultimate eating plan that will make every runner and walker leaner faster and fitter. This is by madeleine fern. Phd c. an s. So this was a good book. While i don't remember anything from the book. This is so long ago that i read it but if they were there were some things that i do remember slightly where they would do substitute certain things but i like at all e protein bars..

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