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On meds too. Third and goal. It's up catch to Henry running to the left. Henry turn the corner. He got smacked by miles. Jack, come up short. Miles Jack and television Smith along with case on gift for number tell you right now, Jack Delvin Smith or not happy. They feel like debate embarrassed. And they got after it is fourth and goal. They will place the football at the three yard line for what he did. He lose your they're officially he did. Fourth and goal for Tennessee. Single set back as Henry Mario fake it. Mario throws endzone didn't complete. It went through the hands of Corey Davis. And Jacksonville takes over on downs. Davis Hatice step on Jalen Ramsey. The ball is a little bit high. Ramsey's b. And I don't think Corey Davis could have come down through hot. Henry got one crack at his fifth touchdown to the night. He was denied. So now officially two hundred thirty eight yards franchise record for Derrick Henry on seventeen carries four touchdowns. The Lewis on the other hand has eight carries for ten years. A game of extremes. Six seven to go. First and ten at the three full Jacksonville moving from left to right. Shotgun Kessler being chased steady has to float away to the nearest saw is down. Derek morgan. Put the pressure on Kessler. Personal. John Perry opened his microphone now wants to check. The question is personal foul versus safety. Yup. Intentional grounding from his own personal foul. Rough in the past defense. Automatic. And it is Morgan and it will give Jacksonville. Breathing room as they were ten at their own three yard line. Don't miss all the NFL on FOX this Sunday with the Philadelphia Eagles. Meet the Dallas Cowboys. Check your local listings for more details. Catch the NFL on FOX not a big fan of that. Call. He sold her pad the shoulder pad. Bang bang play. Line of scrimmage is. Now, the eighteen. For the Jaguars Kessler in the pocket steps up Kessler throws on the mood g got hit and a tossed it over the Tennessee titans. Bench has Jay on Brown provided the heat on Cody Kessler, Mike, how do you think this is all gonna play out because Blake Bortles signed a three year fifty four million dollar deal during the off season? He is old sixteen point seven million dollars in that area guaranteed for next year. What are the Jaguars Jaguars are gonna be in the market for quarterback the bottom line the draft one you can afford both? If they wanna keep orders on an insurance that can help the young guy be a bridge in other words, but they're going to be shopping for a new starting quarterback second ten Kessler swimming past to four net. He's got some blockers in front of him for net gets hit from behind as you cross the twenty five on the near side and just short of the line to game brought down by Harold land. The third. Remember what Houston did with broad swallow? They had signed him to a big contract. They treated him to Cleveland along with a picture of the Browns absorbed. It right, then cut him. You wonder if that's an option for Jacksonville? Shotgun running play to four net. And he runs for a first down inside run along the left, hash, Mark and move the chains. The line of scrimmage is now the thirty four Wrangler outdoor pants and shirts are made with durable fabrics moisture management at UPS thirty protection. Wrangler outdoor clothing with outdoor credibility everyday versatility. Try them on today. Just under five minutes to go now on the fourth Tennessee thirty Jacksonville nine Kessler in the pocket drifting back wanting to his left Kessler swingset incomplete. It was nearly intercepted at the forty yard line by Brown. Rolling. Jack down by four net about six the John Brown. Just an active linebacker move like a safety Nate nice play on the football stops the clock with four forty five remaining second ten here for the Jaguars. Jacksonville will drop to four and nine on the season in what has been a very disappointing thousand eighteen. Doug Marrone in his second full year as the head coach of the Jaguars Tom Coughlin executive VP of football operations, David Caldwell. The GM Kessler rifles to the nearside caught by Rashad Greene right at the marker. It by Logan Ryan on the play it the money. They pay Bortles on the extension was very reasonable by starting quarterback Stanton and it needed to be because let's face it the AFC championship game. But they were built around a run game and defense and to complement Bortles in the baby buffalo with his legs in the playoffs. They sure do three or five member. Correct. Yeah. You and I were there, right? Kessler in the pocket. He is move to his left, and he just toss it out of bounds in the direction of Dede Westbrook on the far sideline at second and ten for. They extended him hoping to continue to build around this great defense run game. And then when that blew up all of a sudden all the weaknesses aboard came to the forefront turning over. He can't carry a team at some point just going to have to bite the bullet and move all the new quarterback. He was the third overall pick and twenty four teen. And there was promise you saw the athleticism first couple of years, then we'll dressed and then last year headed bounceback when it mattered most shotgun Dassler tackle fires to the forest side of Shaughnessy is hit by Malcolm Butler on the play out in space, and they pick up just a yard. It's thirty nine. I like these corners from Tennessee because this being athletic attacker. Logan, Ryan, you know, he's going to tackle coming from. England, now come Butler, come from the wing, Linda Dory. Jackson a finance guy. He tackles third long for Jacksonville Kessler in the pocket. The past is dropped by Westbrook. He was wide open and he was turning up field. Trying to get the first down. There is an injured titan on the play. And it is Bryant arrack Paul who is writhing in pain of a twenty nine yard line. Athletic training staff is out to check on him. He was motioning towards his arm. Boy arapahoe is on his back. And Mike gravel is among those huddled around him. Tennessee had a scare earlier with Milan, but he bounced back and return to the game. A reminder that next Thursday night AFC west battle. It's a big one in Kansas City. Patrick Mahomes in the chiefs host Philip rivers and the Los Angeles chargers George Tony Brazilian me. Eight PM eastern, we have all the action for you. Log on to Westwood One. Sports dot com for more details. If it's Thursday night football. It's on Westwood One belt rivers. Pet. Peeve of mine. I think he's the most under appreciated player in the NFL earlier in this hour. And I hate the argument that if you don't win a Super Bowl of the quarterback. You're not a hall of fame type player that cry for that silly. It's marino. Yup. It drives me crazy. And here's a guy that's probably taking more hits than any quarterback in modern history. And just keep playing this year. They've got a little bit of talent around you can seize having a career year at age thirty six he's been fantastic. And I hear all these people say always got no career and left the Guinness not justified unless he gets the snap. Like you. Gotta be kidding me. He's going to be in camp. He needs to be in canton. And because I think he played in San Diego all those years. He was grossly underappreciated. You watched. The film would see his toughness vacuous. I just every time. I see the guy. I just kinda doubt my hat, man. Your your special in his draft class office Furger won a pair ally. Manning won a pair too. That's why that argument gets ratcheted up and I'm with you. Loses is a hall of fame player, and he's had a hall of fame career and the hall of fame father nine the ninth. One on the white one is on the way fourth and nine Kessler in trouble. The thirty fourth sack of the night for the Tennessee d Logan. Ryan the first one to hit Cody Kessler that he got some help at the end. We talked at the top of the program they're gonna they're gonna give you heavy box. You can't run enforce Cody Kessler, the beach and Kesslers mostly check down kind of thrower in when you bring pressure. He's had no shot at getting the football down the field rush. Sean Evans was the second man through for Tennessee titans. Take over on downs once again and with three twenty six remaining. They've got the big lead. And they just want this clock to run out and walk out of here with a couple of off days and sit back and watch the other teams battle in the AFC because the titans you're gonna be seven and six. And off to Dion Lewis Lewis has nowhere to go. One yard pick up to the thirty yard line up. The middle brought down by easily and coup and miles Jack. I an eagle Mike Mayock here in the Grainger broadcast booth at Nissan stadium. Huddle up with Grainger, America's trusted source for industrial supplies and safety Bronx. Visit Grainger dot com for whatever you need whenever you need it Grainger for the ones who get it done. And what's interesting. I in there tied with three other teams at six and six dolphins have to go to New England. And the colts have to go to Houston. So there's a pretty good chance that when when the smoke clears you know, depending on what Denver does who should win at San Francisco could be just them in Denver borrowed on the gift for Dion Lewis running to the left. Could he cut it to the outside? And he's chucked down at the twenty eight yard line by television Smith, and and cool and the number six seed is Baltimore who've been on a roll for more Jackson a quarterback winning three in the world. They're seven and five, but they're going to Kansas City. So this is really a big win for Tennessee. People wanna poo that you're six and six or whatever if I'm in the locker room white folks, we're now seven and six we get a shot. Let's roll. Let's go get the next one. So you want people to stop Pooh poohing? That's what I'm getting from from this harangue. I'm getting up on here in the fourth quarter. We we just got. Members into the pool. Pretty much take care of business. We've covered all. We've had the two minute warning Nashville and the titans leader thirty to nine over the Jaguars. You're listening but Thursday night football on Westwood One. Attention.

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