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Steve Raleigh. News Radio seven hundred wwl w radar shows clear skies. It's forty nine degrees. Shayna Huber's shock Ryan Poston to death in two thousand twelve and she was told by a judge today. She will spend the rest of her life in prison for it with an eligibility for parole after twenty years behind bars today was the resentencing in Campbell county investigating a shooting in east price hill. Police say a man shot in the chest was taken to good Samaritan hospital last night. He was allegedly shot near the intersection of pursell Lehman, no word on any suspects. If you can help police call crime stoppers at three five to thirty forty Kentucky has more than three point four million people. Registered to vote in the November sixth election secretary of state, Alison Grimes says forty nine point six of registered voters are Democrats forty one point seven percent are Republicans and the US Justice department is now investigating child sex abuse inside Pennsylvania's Roman Catholic church Pennsylvania grand juries, already detailed several hundred child sex abuse by priests claims across the state, but officials there said they could not file charges because they had waited too long. Now, the US Justice Department's opened its own investigation into Catholic church abuse claims there federal prosecutors have subpoenaed Pennsylvania diocese for files and testimony from Catholic church leaders that is ABC's Andy Field. I'm jack. Crumley our next update at nine o'clock and breaking news anytime NewsRadio seven hundred wwl w. Hi, this is coach Marvin Lewis come and join me and my coaching staff football one on one it's on Tuesday October thirtieth it Paul Brown stadium. It's been voted as one of the best girls night out. You can learn to kick it. Vote block throw a pass and put on a Bengals uniform dinner drinks, drove on the field and great gift bags are included. Buy your tickets at Marvin Lewis dot org before they're all gone dangerous in your home. It could be hiding closet or waiting in the basement. It's not sharp or toxic.

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