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The mob made its way toward the Capitol building, chanting, Where is Mike Pence? Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma who was in lockdown with the vice president said. I've never seen Pence's angry as he was today. I might power San Diego Congressman Mike Levin calling for the removal through either impeachment or the 25th amendment of the president. 111 praised Vice President Mike Pence for carrying out his constitutional duty counting the electoral college votes. And now he wants him to invoke the 25th amendment and remove the president from office. I do think that there is a great danger being presented by this president at the present time, if he is not seen is capable of even having a social media account. Without getting up violence. I don't think he should be responsible for the nation's nuclear codes or have access to the nuclear codes and things of that nature 11 also supporting impeachment, saying the house should not look the other way and to protect the safety and continuity of democracy. Jack running cocaine moves fellow members of Congress from San Diego, Sarah Jacobs and Scott Peters calling for the 25th amendment to be abused. Following the violence. Officials plan a surge of National Guard personnel in Washington by this weekend over 6000 National Guard troops will be mobilized in Washington, D. C After mobs breach Capitol Hill work is also started on what officials hope will be a non bridgeable 7 FT wall around the Capitol grounds. US Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy these personnel And this security measures will be in place. For no less in the next 30 Days, D. C. Mayor Muriel Bowser's declared a public emergency for the next couple of weeks. Police in Washington continued to investigate the shooting death of a San Diego woman during the riding inside the building, D C. Police say the officer who shot her was a plainclothes officer. Meantime, family and friends are mourning the loss of Ashley Babbitt. She was 35 years old of 14 year. Air Force veteran. She lived in O B with her husband. Her family says Babbitt traveled to D. C Tuesday to take part in the Save America Rally. She was a vocal supporter of the president on Social media, and she took part in the President Trump Boat Parade on San Diego Bay last September. In other news coronavirus. Deaths continued to rise in San Diego across California and funeral homes are overwhelmed. California Funeral Directors association had Bob Ackerman says the industry is being completely impacted in their options are very limited information ism in option, but even that is being taxed. You know, in terms of capacity just to handle, you know, old all all the all the people have died, so it's really a great, very difficult situation. Ackerman adds. Local funeral homes have to stay vigilant and safeguard their staff because their frontline workers, they are licensed trained professionals and they cannot easily be replaced. The chief of pediatric infectious disease at UC Davis Children's says despite being developed in an unprecedented short amount of time, the Corona virus vaccines are safe, understandable that people are gonna have some concerns. About them, but it's also really an exciting time because he's vaccines are highly effective. Doctor Dean Blumberg adds that researchers have also found both to be effective against the new mutated strain of the virus, which has been detected in California half of all of the cases in the U. S. Or here in San Diego, he says when the U. S will reach herd immunity depends on how quickly the vaccines are available. The best estimate, though, would be late summer or early fall. All this aggravation satisfaction in remaining Memphis.

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